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Sonance II, UMKC Gallery’s Shows


The UMKC Gallery is presenting new works in the areas of dance, sound, video and art installations. These fall events, known as Sonance II, run Wednesday, Nov. 18, through Friday, Dec. 11, 2015. These shows can best be described as multisensory experiences.

On Wednesday, Nov. 18, from noon to 1 p.m., UMKC students will create art with their bodies in an exhibit called “Body as Drawer and Drawing,” in which the paper serves as a map for traversing space.

Conceptual rock band “Ape Herring,” consisting of Shawn E. Hansen, Neal J. Wilson, and Aaron T. Osborne, mixes classical, jazz and avant-garde styles and unique instrumental techniques. They perform Thursday, Nov. 19, noon to 1 p.m.

On Thursday, Dec. 3, enjoy a producer’s forum of local beat makers, DJs and producers. Participants are Joker 70, Ace Fadal, Ben Swiller, Rick Maun, Vertigon and Riece Harris. Each artist will perform a 20-minute set, starting at noon and concluding at 7 p.m.

Another part of Sonance II, digital videos by Jeffrey Moser, Sam Mattacott, Cy Kuckenbaker and Barry Anderson, will be on continuous view at the gallery.

For more information, call 816-235-1502, email UMKC Gallery, or visit the gallery UMKC Gallery website.


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