On-Campus Safety, Security


A safe and secure campus is one in which we can all work and learn more readily. The actions you should take to keep yourself safe in the event of an active shooter depend on your situation to the threat. When an alert is received and you are on campus, or if you have not received an alert but hear the sound of gunfire, determine if you should:

  • Run – Get away from the shooter(s). Leave your things behind and run. If safe, warn others nearby. When out of danger, call 911.
  • Hide – If you can’t get away safely, hide. Get out of the shooter’s view and stay quiet. Silence devices, lock/block doors and turn off lights. Don’t hide in groups— spread out or hide separately until law enforcement gives you instructions.
  • Fight – A last resort. Act decisively and aggressively. Distract and disarm the shooter if you can by using makeshift weapons or heavy objects.

When an alert is received and you are off campus, do not come to campus. Please take this opportunity to update your emergency contact information via myHR. (My Personal Details tab > Emergency Contacts link in the left-hand menu).

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