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UMKC Climate: Campus Resources will be a weekly feature in UMatters that answers questions that faculty, staff and students raised during the UMKC listening sessions and report-out forums during the winter and spring. If you have an additional question to ask, please email us at

  1. I heard at the Report-Out Forum in March that the university is going to be creating a staff ombudsman position as an additional resource for staff members at UMKC. Until that position is up and running, what other resources are available to employees who are dealing with workplace concerns or discrimination or equity issues?
  1. Yes, UMKC will be creating a staff ombudsperson position. This was one of the action steps announced in the report by the Chancellor and Provost on the listening session findings. The campus already has a faculty ombudsperson and resources for students available through the Student Helpline by calling 816-235-2222 or sending an email to

In addition the campus already offers a robust set of resources for staff members who may be facing a variety of workplace concerns.

Here are some of the resources and links, where applicable.

Contact immediate supervisor or Human Resources as a first step. If an employee is having problems with a colleague, he or she should reach out to his/her immediate supervisor as a first step. If the supervisor is at issue, employees should reach out to Human Resources, which has an employee representative available at 816-235-1621. Many of these concerns can be resolved by taking one of these two steps.

Free mediation. If the conflict would benefit from a neutral mediator, UMKC offers free mediation services through a member of the School of Law. For details on how to get started and how this process works, click here:

Employee grievances. Employee rules are collected online here. There are also official employee grievance procedures for academic grievances and administrative, service and support staff grievances.

Discrimination or Title IX complaints. If the complaint regards discrimination at UMKC, an employee can find information on resources here or file an official complaint here. Or if the concern involves sexual harassment or assault, an individual can file a Title IX incident report here:

Ethics and Compliance Hotline. At the University of Missouri System level, employees can also file anonymous complaints through the Ethics and Compliance Hotline, which handles virtually any inquiry from fiscal compliance to ethics violations. Here’s a link to more information:

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