Faculty Present Their Research at Annual Symposium


The annual Faculty Research Symposium highlighted research from 55 UMKC faculty members representing 22 departments.

Hosted by the Office of Research Services on April 23, the goal of this event is to enable awareness of the research, scholarship and creative activities performed within the UMKC community. Participants created and shared poster presentations focusing on their latest projects and endeavors covering a wide range of topics from climate change to music therapy.

UMKC research office stand in a group portrait

Overall, the event provided an opportunity for interaction and collaboration among faculty members from all across UMKC. Here are the featured projects:

Visual Arts Presentations

Studio Art Faculty, Art & Art History Department

  • Ricky Allman
  • Barry Anderson
  • Elijah Gowin
  • Hye Young Shin
  • Kati Toivanen
  • Davin Watne

Research Posters

  • Sungyop Kim; Architecture, Urban Planning and Design; Co-authors: Clara Irazabal-Zurita and Fengpeng Sun; Planning for Climate Change: Implications of High Temperature and Extreme Heat Waves for Los Angeles County, California
  • Steve Simon; Biomedical and Health Informatics; Ebenezer Scrooge, Data Scientist
  • Neerupma Silswal; Biomedical Science; Role of Calcium in Glucocorticoid Mediated Signaling in Neural Stem Cells
  • Jerry Dias; Chemistry; Edge Effects in Benzenoid and Total Resonant Sextet Benzenoid Hydrocarbons (TRS) and Clar’s Sextet Principle
  • Zhonghua Peng; Chemistry; Functional Materials for Energy and Biomedical Applications
  • ZhiQiang Chen; Civil and Mechanical Engineering; High-throughput Imaging for Invisible Damage and Anomaly Detection
  • Ganesh Thiagarajan; Civil Engineering and Oral and Craniofacial Sciences; Co-authors: Sarah Dallas, Mark Johnson, Loretta Laughery, Nuria Lara, LeAnn Tiede Lewis; Examining Heterogenous Osteocyte Activation and Bone Mechanotransduction: 3-D Multiplexed Imaging for Multi-Scale Finite Element Analysis.
  • Robert Groene; Conservatory of Music and Dance; An Analysis of Minor Key Songs in Popular Music: Implications for Music Therapy
  • Lani Hamilton; Conservatory of Music and Dance; Co-authors: Sarah E. Allen, Amy L. Simmons, Carla D. Cash, Robert A. Duke; Relationship between music performance skill and auditory discriminations of timing, pitch, and loudness differences in recordings of artist-level performances
  • Bonnie Branson; Dental Public Health and Behavioral Science; Co-authors: Elizabeth Lukens and JoAnna M. Scott; Students’ Perceptions of Involvement with Children Following a Service-Learning Activity
  • Michelle Maher; Educational Leadership Policy and Foundation; Finding a Fit: Biological Science Doctoral Students and Permanent Research Laboratory Selections
  • Tiffani Riggers-Piehl; Educational Leadership Policy and Foundations; Karen King and Gloria Lim; Fostering Academic and Social Engagement: A Study of Girls’ School Graduates
  • Virginia Blanton; English; Footnotes in Medieval Manuscripts? or Tracing Manuscript Copies of John of Tynemouth’s Sanctilogium
  • Jeff Rydberg-Cox; English; Automatic Detection of Topic Clusters in Literary Texts with Network Analysis
  • Fengpeng Sun; Geosciences; Co-author: Kyle Reed; Urban Heat Island in Kansas City: Climatic Impacts and Mitigation Potential
  • Viviana Grieco; History/ School of Computing and Engineering; Co-authors: Nouf Alrasheed and Praveen Rao; A Knowledge Graph for Managing and Analyzing Spanish American Notary Records
  • Majid Bani-Yaghoub; Mathematics and Statistics; Using Nonlinear Wave Theory to Analyze the Microbial Dynamics of Free-living Pathogens
  • Kun Cheng; Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences; Co-authors: Zhen Zhao, Yuanke Li, Shukla Ravi, Hao Liu, Akshay Jain, Ashutosh Barve; Development of a Biocompatible Copolymer Nanocomplex to Deliver VEGF siRNA for the Treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer
  • Kun Cheng; Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences; Co-authors: Zhen Zhao, Yuanke Li, Hao Liu, Akshay Jain; Silencing IKBKE Gene with a Peptide-based siRNA Nanocomplex Inhibits Invasiveness and Growth of Triple Negative Breast Cancer
  • Kun Cheng; Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences; Discovery of Small Anti PD L1 Peptides for Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Simon Friedman; Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences; Light, RNA interference, Drug Delivery and Other Adventures at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology
  • Wai-Yim Ching; Physics and Astronomy; Co-authors: Puja Adhikari, Layla Shafei, Saro San, Paul Rulis; Structure and Properties of a Model of Inter-Granular Glassy Film in β-Si3N4
  • Wai-Yim Ching; Physics and Astronomy; Co-author: Saro San; Computational study of High Entropy Alloys for Biomedical Application
  • Wai-Yim Ching; Physics and Astronomy; Co-authors: Sahib Hasan and Khagendra Baral; Electronic Structure, Optical and Mechanical Properties of 21 Chalcogenide Crystals
  • Wai-Yim Ching; Physics and Astronomy; Co-authors: Bahaa Jawad and Lokendra Poudel; Molecular Mechanism and Binding Free Energy of Doxorubicin Intercalation in DNA
  • Daniel McIntosh; Physics and Astronomy; The STEM+M Ecosystem: A Strategic Program to Improve Retention at UMKC
  • Hye-Sung Han; Public Affairs; Missouri Housing Evictions: Exploring the Relationship between Neighborhood Characteristics and Prevalence of Housing Evictions
  • Ryan Mohan; Biological Sciences; Molecular Mechanisms of Neural Stability
  • Veronica Cloud; Biological Sciences; Co-author: Ryan MohanAtxn7 and Non-stop link SAGA chromatin modifying complex (gene regulation) and WAVE regulatory complex (cytoskeletal organization) functions
  • Leonard Dobens, Jr.; Biological Sciences; Trafficking of the Tribbles Pseudokinase to the Cell Membrane Blocks Insulin Signaling in Response to Starvation
  • Shizhen Wang; Biological Sciences; Co-authors: Sun-Joo Lee, Xin Fang, Chong Zuo, Colin G Nichols; Structural Dynamics of K Channel Selectivity Filter Revealed by Single Molecule FRET
  • Hillary McGraw; Biological Sciences; Wnt Signaling through Lrp5 and Lrp6 is Required for Collective Cell Migration in the Zebrafish Embryo
  • Jeffrey Price; Biological Sciences; Co-author: Richard Brent Nolan; Accumulation of Circadian BDBT Cytosolic Foci is Regulated by Light in the Drosophila Eye
  • Jeffrey Price; Biological Sciences; Co-author: Jialin Wang; Drosophila DBT affects sleep in both circadian and central complex neurons
  • Jin-Yuan Price; Biological Sciences; Co-author: Jeffrey Price; DBT Acetylation is Regulated by Other Circadian Clock Proteins and its Deacetylation is Mediated by HDAC6
  • Jin-Yuan Price; Biological Sciences; Co-author: Jeffrey Price; The Circadian Protein DBT and Light Regulate the Expression of DRONC, the Initiator Caspase for Cell Death Pathways
  • Melanie Simmer-Beck; School of Dentistry; Co-authors: JoAnna M Scott, Jennifer Ramsey, Anthony Wellever; Direct Medicaid Reimbursement to Dental Hygienists is Associated with More School-Based Health Care Centers That Provide Dental Services
  • JoAnna Scott; School of Dentistry; Co-authors: Cynthia Gadbury-Amyot and Melanie Simmer-Beck; The Association between the Pediatric Oral Quality of Life Self-Report and Actual Oral Health Status
  • Carole McArthur; School of Dentistry; Co-authors: Mohammed Pour, Gaeton Bondo, Jonathon Fumunguya, Linda James, Jeansea Mavinga, Basimike Mulunda, Jonathon Niles Medard Omakoy, Yves Tschangala, Francois Tshibaka, Kamalendra Singh, Samuel Mampunza and Franklin Baer; Evidence of Increased HIV cases in Greater Kinshasa Health Zones: Democratic Republic of the Congo (2017-2018)
  • Erin Bumann; School of Dentistry; Co-authors: N. Nguyen, E. Theng, B. Schmiegelow, M. Gonzalez, H. Mumtaz, L. Tiede-Lewis; Analysis of Species- Specific Jaw Collagen and Bone Mineralization
  • Margaret Brommelsiek; School of Medicine; Co-authors: Gary Sutkin, Tariq Said, Fizza Mahmud, Steve Kanter; Silence and Presence in the Operating Room: A Qualitative Study Exploring Interprofessional Team Agency
  • Margaret Brommelsiek; School of Medicine Penetrating the Heart of Darkness: An Etic’s Journey
  • Poghni Peri-Okonny; School of Medicine; Co-authors: Sarthak Patel, Ali Malik, Jeremy Provance, Vittal Hejjaji, Kensey Gosch, John Spertus, Kim Smolderen; Leisure Time Physical Activity after Invasive Treatment for Symptomatic Peripheral Artery Disease: Insights from the PORTRAIT registry
  • Tracy Graybill; School of Nursing and Health Studies; Co-authors: Jane Peterson and Margaret Brommelsiek; Nurse Practitioner Students’ Transition to Primary Care in Rural Health: A Conceptual Modelity
  • Matthew Chrisman; School of Nursing and Health Studies; Co-authors: William Purdy, Ashleigh Reddy, Sangbeak Ye; College Students’ Preferences for Using Standing Desks in College Classrooms
  • Matthew Chrisman; School of Nursing and Health Studies; Co-author: Kristina MitchellSedentary Behavior and its Associations with Health and Balance in Middle-aged and Older Adults who Cycle
  • Sarah Knopf-Amelung; School of Nursing and Health Studies; Co-author: Kate MallulaCoordinating Systems to Support Perinatal Women with Substance Use Disorders
  • Amanda Grimes; School of Nursing and Health Studies; Preliminary Analysis of Missouri Drivers’ Understanding of Policies Related to Roadway Interactions with Bicyclists
  • Shelby Webb; School of Nursing and Health Studies; Co-authors: Deborah Richardson, Brooke Fischer, Sarah Knopf-Amelung, Heather GothamEvaluation of Student Outcomes across Different Health Professions Programs after Implementing SBIRT Curriculum
  • Rosalyn Bertram; School of Social Work; Co-authors: Anna Guzman, Robin Leake, Christy Collins, Shane WilcuttIntegrating Implementation Science and Evidence-Based Practice to Support Transformational Change in the Child Welfare Workforce
  • Kelley Martin; University Libraries; Co-authors: Vicki Kirby and Cindy ThompsonSorting Out Library Programs and Services: A Strategic Service Review
  • Nickolas Gardner; Physics and Astronomy; Co-author: Plamen DoynovDiode-NLTL for HPM Generation: Parameter Space and Optimization
  • Plamen Doynov; Physics and Astronomy; Co-authors:  A. Caruso and N. CramerPFTL Considerations for PCSS Driven HPM Generation
  • Beth Vonnahme; Political Science; Co-author: Debra LeiterCan Women Soften the Hard Right
  • Sarah Dallas and LeAnn Tiede-Lewis; School of Dentistry; UMKC Confocal Microscopy Core


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