5 things to know about the new Gen Ed Program


New, exciting things are in store for incoming students next year, thanks to the revamped general education program at UMKC.

The main idea driving the new curriculum is for these courses to be less lecture-heavy and more focused on becoming launching points for conversations about perspective and critical thinking skills that are essential to successful careers.

Many faculty, staff and administrators have been involved in transforming the current curriculum to start building professional skills employers are seeking and also instilling a sense of pride in the work UMKC does in our community.

Check out these top 5 things to know about the changes coming soon.

  1. New Program Name: UMKC Essentials

The new general education program will be called “UMKC Essentials.” So, internally, you’ll start to see all references to “Gen Ed 2.0” end. This new program will provide the essential learning students need to become the professionals our community and world needs.

  1. First-Semester Student Experience

Central to the program is the new first-semester experience. It includes lively and engaging classes, peer and mentor conversations around mega majors (groups of related majors) and an introduction to campus resources. Students will also select different events and experiences in which to participate to see the greater strategic significance UMKC has in Kansas City.

  1. UMKC Essentials Mission to Students

“As you engage in UMKC Essentials, you will build your communication and critical thinking skills, hone your creative abilities, and tackle challenging problems by exploring varied disciplines.”

  1. UMKC Essentials Vision to Students

“UMKC Essentials will prepare you for the dynamic, diverse world that needs your contributions as both an informed citizen and in complex workplaces.”

  1. Prepare for Launch: Fall 2020

Full launch of UMKC Essentials will be in Fall 2020.  Over 200 UMKC faculty have participated in related showcases and meetings. More than 50 faculty and staff are fully engaged in preparing to implement the First Semester Experience in Fall 2020. Four courses have been fully approved and workshops will occur in October 2019 – January 2020 for faculty interested in teaching Critical Thinking Courses in Fall 2020.

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