Landscape Analysis for the Kansas State College Advising Corps

Focus Areas: Career Pathways, Postsecondary Education

This study examines opportunities to improve and expand college advising services in Kansas.

The Kansas State College Advising Corps (KSCAC) is part of the National College Advising Corps, a consortium of 31 major U.S. universities that work to improve college access and outcomes. Recent college graduates are placed in high schools for a 2-year service period to increase the number of low-income and first-generation college students who attend and complete a post-secondary education program. In 2019, KSCAC had 19 advisers working across 68 schools in Kansas.

The purpose of the landscape analysis was to deepen KSCAC’s understanding of college access programs in Kansas and to identify opportunities for program refinement and growth. The analysis focused on three tasks:

  • Examine internal strengths, capacity, and needs of KSCAC;
  • Identify opportunities for program improvement and development, including potential service niches and new market opportunities; and,
  • Assist KSCAC with strategic planning.

In July 2020, the UERC and Tri-State Research and Evaluation Services completed the landscape analysis and provided recommendations for KSCAC’s strategic plan.