Evaluation of the MINDDRIVE Program

Focus Areas: Essential Skills/SEL, Career Pathways, STEM Education

This evaluation examines the impact of a unique experiential learning program on students’ essential skill development and assesses key program strengths and areas of growth opportunity.

MINDDRIVE is an experiential learning program that serves students from the Kansas City metropolitan area. The program teaches problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration through math, science, technology, innovation and communication, giving students deep-level experience with real world applications.

This annual evaluation focuses on MINDDRIVE’s High School Partnership Program, through which students earn course credit and learn valuable technical and professional skills as they work in teams on innovative engineering design projects. The evaluation examines key skills students gain from the MINDDRIVE High School Partnership Program and how implementation challenges and opportunities are encountered and addressed. MINDDRIVE uses the findings to highlight the key outcomes of the program, lead to program improvements, and refine their school partnership model.