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The University of Missouri-Kansas City uses Leepfrog’s CourseLeaf system to manage our curriculum and catalog review and approval processes.

To ensure inclusion in the next catalog publication, the deadlines for course and program proposals, modifications AND catalog page edits are as follows:

October 1 (Department Chair/Program Director Approval)

December 1 (Dean Approval)

Please see the Course Management and Program Management pages for additional important information.


CourseLeaf (SSO Log-in Required)

First time users should contact Amy Watson or Nancy Hoover for initial user set-up.


Course Management System:

COURSELEAF-CIM Quick Reference Guide for Course Admin Users

Program Management System:

COURSELEAF-CIM Quick Reference Guide for Program Admin Users

Review/Approval System:

COURSELEAF-CIM Quick Reference Guide for Approvers-Reviewers

Catalog Edit System (CAT):

CourseLeaf Workshops Fall 2017:

Tuesday, September 19th; 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM; Royall Hall 310

Wednesday, October 25th; 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM; Royall Hall 310

Tuesday, November 28th; 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM; Royal Hall 310

Come bring your work and your questions! Amy & Nancy will help you get your course/program proposals and edits submitted as well as any other catalog page edits for your unit.

UMKC Syllabus Components

Syllabi distributed to students must contain all of the UMKC required components. For your convenience, the UMKC Syllabus Components document is available in both PDF and Word versions. A syllabus should be uploaded into CourseLeaf for all New Course Proposals and Course Edits. If you use Blackboard for your course, you may refer students to the Blackboard content (see sample language below).

PDF Version

Word Version

Sample language for instructors using Blackboard for their course:

The suggested language for syllabi is as follows (please note that you will need to select whether or not you allow recording as both policies are listed in the document):

“Important UMKC Resources and Policies are applicable to every course and every student at UMKC. These are located in the Blackboard site for this course under the “UMKC Policies” tab. As a UMKC student, you are expected to review and abide by these policies. If you have any questions, please contact your instructor for clarification.

 This course follows the “Faculty allowing recording” option of the Academic Inquiry, Course Discussion and Privacy policy. OR This course follows the “Faculty not allowing recording” option of the Academic Inquiry, Course Discussion and Privacy policy.”

UMKC Curriculum Maps

A Curriculum Map should be uploaded into CourseLeaf for all New Course Proposals.

Template and Examples

Graduate & Professional Curriculum and All Program Proposal Information

(Graduate and Professional Course Proposals and Modifications; Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional Degree Program Proposals and Modifications including Transcripted Emphasis Areas (options); Reactivate, Inactivate, or Delete Existing Degree Programs; Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional Certificate Program Proposals and Modifications)

Peggy Ward-Smith

Interim Dean, Graduate Studies

Nancy Hoover

Coordinator, Graduate Studies



Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Information

(Undergraduate Course Proposals and Modifications; Undergraduate Minors, Existing Degree Program Requirements Modifications; Undergraduate Subject Requests – All must be submitted to the UCC level of review at least two weeks prior to the scheduled UCC meeting date of the 2nd Friday of each month.)

Jamie Hunt

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Chair


Amy Watson

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Coordinator

Cindy Pemberton

Deputy Provost


General Education Curriculum Committee Information

(General Education Course Proposals and Modifications)

Jennifer Waddell

General Education Coordiator

Gerald Wyckoff

General Education Curriculum Committee Chair