Sustainability Team

Our Mission

The UMKC Sustainability Team aspires to provide the framework for environmental stewardship, natural resource conservation, emissions reductions and sustainability. The team acts as a resource to support and promote the university’s environmental commitments and policies.

The UMKC Sustainability Plan 2016 can be viewed here.

The Sustainability Team is committed to enhancing awareness and understanding of the principles of sustainability throughout the university community.

The UMKC Sustainability Office in partnership with the Office of Institution Research completed a UMKC Sustainability Survey in 2012 and will update the survey every couple of years.  For a copy of the results of the survey:  UMKC Sustainability Survey

Here is a copy of the PowerPoint of most recent UMKC Sustainability Team Meeting highlighting a presentation on Energy Reductions on campus.  The meeting was on February 18, 2015- UMKC Sustainability Team Meeting Feb 18, 2015

2016 Goals

  1. Community
    1. Support the expansion of the Kansas City street car
    2. Better educate the Faculty, Staff, and Students on sustainability projects by using posters, social media, and orientation
    3. Partner with academia for the greater Kansas City sustainability to attract students and bring the community into campus
  2. Energy
    1. LED Lighting
    2. Solar Panels
  3. Recycling and Waste Reduction
    1. Increase Composting
    2. Enhance electronic recycling
    3. One step active recycling database
  4. Local Food Sourcing
    1. Reintegrate UMKC Community Garden
    2. Local and sustainable food sourcing (tracked and reported)

2015 Accomplishments

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  1. —Increase Funding for Sustainability Efforts on Campus
  2. Waste Reduction, Recycling, and Reused- Continue to minimize waste and explore waste to energy opportunities in the region
  3. —Policy and Planning-Develop Sustainability Policies within all Departments
  4. —Reduce Energy Consumption
  5. —Expand Transportation Use and Options —
  6. Support Local Food Efforts and Expand Awareness and Education



Education and Funding

Co-chairs: Bridget Koan

Members: Kellie Case, David Rogers and Javiera Castro

The Education subcommittee provides educational resources for the campus and the broader community including sustainable living guides, interactive sustainability blog, Eco-educational events for the campus, and field trips and tours.


Co-chairs: Randy Shingleton and Jeff Vandel
Members: Mary Cleveland, Karen Lavendusky, Bob Simmons, Elvis Butler, Kaye Johnston and Mike Norris

The Energy subcommittee works to reduce the amount of energy used on campus through a voluntary energy management program with renewable alternative sources of energy such as solar panels and promoting the use of timers on electronics.

Lawn, Landscaping and Gardens

Chair: Steve Jenks
Members: Julie Bauer

The Lawn, Landscaping and Gardens subcommittee initiatives include utilizing more native grasses to reduce water usage on lawns, assisting in securing funding for UMKC Garden Collective, planning plant exchange events and creating a farmer’s market on campus.


Chair: Cathy Simonds
Members: Kaye Johnston

The Purchasing subcommittee is creating a sustainable green purchasing policy for the campus, working to reduce cardboard from vendors on campus and emphasizing carbon neutral purchasing practices on campus.


Co Chairs:Velda Robins and Jody Jeffries
Members: Justin Goddard, Tommy Lao, Suzi Ward, Kellie Case

The Recycling subcommittee goals are to expand recycling to all buildings on campus, meeting zero waste goals, expanding composting programs, creating community composting programs and reducing trash cans on campus.


Chair: Henry Marsh
Members: Marsha Pirtle , John Aust and Braden Anderson

The Transportation subcommittee has created larger car-free and idle zones on campus, expanded use of electric vehicles, assists in creating purchasing policy to ensure all new vehicles are alternative fuel vehicles, and creates comprehensive alternative transportation programs on campus.


Chair: Steve Jenks
Members:  Julie Bauer

The Watershed subcommittee works with the university engineering department to reduce water runoff, develop a plan to reuse gray and storm water, and to create more rain, community and rooftop gardens.

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