The STAHR Scholars Program provides rising high school juniors, seniors, undergraduates, post-baccalaureate, and non-traditional students with opportunities to learn more about and prepare to become a health professional. The Scholars Program aims to strengthen students’ interest in health careers and develop students into competitive applicants for health professional education programs.

Our Vision: The STAHR Scholars Program will empower each student as they progress on their journey into a health professional program. Students in the Scholars Program will experience tailored and purposeful learning, support, and activities to foster holistic growth. By building the foundations and skills for success, Scholars will be equipped with the knowledge and determination to accomplish their educational goals.

The Scholars Program is free for students and runs from May or June through the following April. Active participants in the program will receive financial support as stipends and/or scholarships.

Students can begin participating in the Scholars Program the summer prior to their junior year of high school (11th grade) all the way through collegiate-level students preparing for entry into a health professional program.

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