Get Involved with STAHR

STAHR has many opportunities throughout the year for individuals to assist with the learning, development, and advancement of STAHR students.

Individuals who are involved with STAHR volunteer to benefit students from disadvantaged backgrounds and help us advance towards our goal of increasing the diversity of health professionals serving our communities.

Let us know you’d like to get involved! Fill out this brief survey to tell us more about you and how you might like to be involved in STAHR activities.

STAHR Involvement Interest Form

What does involvement with STAHR look like?

STAHR’s year-round programming creates various opportunities for individuals to get involved in both the Scholars Program and Ambassador Program. Whether you have periodic availability or can make a longer commitment, there is a great deal of flexibility to how much or how little you can be involved.

Some examples of activities are:

  • Sharing your expertise by giving virtual didactics/presentations or serving on a panel
  • Mentoring students
  • Providing student feedback (i.e.: mock interviews, personal statements)
  • Offering in-person shadowing, research, or observational experiences

STAHR aims to support volunteers through a variety of ways, including letters of recognition of service and opportunities for professional development activities and funds.

Who can get involved?

Professionals involved with STAHR are motivated and passionate individuals who use their expertise, skills, and positions to positively contribute to the development of STAHR students. Individuals looking to get involved with STAHR can come from a wide variety of backgrounds, occupations, and skillsets.

Depending on the current needs of the program, STAHR may seek out individuals with a specific area of expertise, but any professional is invited to get involved.

Commonly asked questions:

  • I’m not educated in or a part of a health field, can I still get involved?

Yes – each of our programs feature non-health topics to help students develop skills and knowledge for success.

  • Do I have to be affiliated with UMKC?

No – you can get involved even if you are affiliated with a different school or employer.

  • I’m not in the Kansas City area or have other restrictions for helping in-person, are there virtual opportunities to get involved?

Yes – many of our activities can be conducted or delivered virtually over video conferencing platforms, like Zoom.

  • I’m connected to a current STAHR student, does that prevent me from getting involved?

No – you can still help! In certain activities, like mentoring or mock interviewing, we may assign you to other students to reduce potential bias.