Kaye Johnston

Kaye Johnston is the UMKC Sustainability Coordinator in Campus Facilities and has been working at UMKC since 2007. She enjoys working in an academic environment with students, faculty and staff and enjoys the lifetime learning as a culture.

She serves as the Vice Chair of Staff Council on the Executive Board and is on the Events and Professional Development committees. As a member of Staff Council, Johnston has enjoyed being a part of the reorganization of the council and the rewriting of the by-laws. “I thought it would be exciting and rewarding to take part in the newly established Staff Council,” said Johnston.

Outside of Staff Council, Johnston is a doctoral graduate student in the Geosciences and Block School of Public Administration. She enjoys reading, gardening, performing music, traveling, cooking and gathering with family and friends.

If you are interested in learning more about the Executive Board, please contact Kaye at staffcouncil@umkc.edu.