With Staff Council, there are various subcommittees to help achieve the goals (link to goals page) of Staff Council.  Each have various meeting schedules and initiatives, all of which you can review on each subcommittee’s page.

You do not have to be a voting member of Staff Council to participate in any of the work subcommittees do. 


The mission of the UMKC Staff Council Communications Committee is to develop, identify and enhance the means of communication for staff.  The Communications Committee is available to provide assistance and support to all committees in efforts to achieve the goals of Staff Council.


Chair: Amanda Campbell

Members: Shay Kirkendall, Grace Nicholas, Kaitlyn Redinger (Elder), Robin Sommer, Marilyn Turbush, Heidi Updike, Kaitlyn West, Hilary Yager

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Staff Engagement

The mission of the UMKC Staff Council Staff Engagement Committee is to recognize employees for their contributions to the university and show appreciation for dedicated service and foster a workplace of choice by developing, supporting and implementing events and programs. As well as to conceive and coordinate inclusive events that celebrate and recognize the employees of UMKC.  Though they assist with all events that Staff Council has throughout the year, their signature event is the  UMKC Staff Appreciation Picnic that occurs during Staff Appreciation Week.


Co-Chairs: Yolanda Branch and Marilyn Turbush

Members: Nate Addington, Sarah Bigge, Destiny Delgado-Peterson, Rachel Forester, Dylan Green, Amelia Howard, Kim Kushner, Alisha Langham, Andre Logan, Brianna Portmann, Selia Ramirez, Julie Smith, Mikhael Willis

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Our mission is to promote the university’s key mission areas and visibility by positive engagement between the university and the broader community through service and collaboration. We accomplish this by planning volunteer opportunities for our fellow staff on campus and in our community. We encourage members to come with new project ideas.


Co-Chairs: Kim Kushner and Laura Moore

Members: Nate Addington, Cherie Burton, Destiny Delgado-Peterson, Rachel Forester, Rachel Hughes, Andre Logan, Youssef Mekawy, William Sanders, Janey Stephens, Mikhael Willis

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Professional Development

The mission of the UMKC Staff Council Professional Development Committee is to respond to the needs of staff by providing opportunities that contribute to strengthening skills, expanding knowledge and developing both personal and professional excellence in advancement.


Co-Chairs: Jeina Kummer (Stombaugh) and Sarah Richardson

Members: Abigail Birkett, Helene Houston-Reed, Michael Knabel, Virginia Pennington, Anna Zimmerman

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