About Us

Chair’s Introduction

Dear UMKC Staff –

In preparing for an exciting and dynamic year, your Staff Council wants you to know that we are ready to SERVE!

To achieve excellence in anything requires honest communication, personal sacrifice, teamwork and commitment. We plan to bring all of these to cultivate an environment of shared presence with the administration, faculty and students.

We hope to accomplish a lot this year! One of our priorities will be on building relationships with supervisors to improve and increase engagement with our campus community. We also hope to increase awareness and recognition of staff achievements and accomplishments at UMKC.

As Staff Council chair, I encourage and welcome each of you to get involved. There are several university leadership meetings I partake in to provide staff perspectives on university strategies and policies. Please share your questions and thoughts with me, so that I may share your concerns directly with members of the administration. You can also attend any of our general Staff Council meetings or our committee meetings. We’ll be updating our website with events open to staff this year.

On behalf of Staff Council, thank you for all you do to make UMKC an institution of choice for all.

Roland Hemmings



The mission of the UMKC Staff Council is to provide a forum of advocacy and outreach for all UMKC staff employees, to represent staff interests to the UMKC and UM System community and leadership and to provide opportunities for recognition and professional development.


Staff Council serves to promote a positive and collaborative work community. We strive to represent the voice of UMKC staff in university initiatives through education, advocacy, recognition, and outreach.


Staff Council originated in the 1970’s as the Administrative Assembly, an association of exempt staff at the university, which reported to the Director of Human Resources. In the 1980’s, it expanded to include non-exempt staff and became known as Staff Assembly.  In the mid-1990’s it underwent a final name change and became Staff Council.

Over the years, it has reported to the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, and finally to the Chancellor. Created as an avenue toward better rights and benefits for university employees, it has continuously been involved in the ever evolving issues of parking, pay rates, family benefits, educational benefits, and training opportunities.

An equal share of Staff Council’s mission has been to get all employees involved in campus life, campus issues, and to show appreciation in return.