Shelterwood Academy Now Hiring

We have an immediate need for male staff at Shelterwood Academy, both for now and our May and August start dates. For our immediate need we would be interested in bringing male staff who could stay with us until the beginning of summer, end of summer, or all the way through December 31 of this year. For the May start date we will ask for a summer long to yearlong commitment. For August start date we are looking for a yearlong commitment. Staff must be at least 21 years of age, have a committed relationship with Christ, and have a heart for service and ministry to struggling teen boys.


Please share this with any former male students who are looking for temporary work before grad school, or for soon to graduate men looking for positions after college.


To apply interested men simply can go to If they have questions and need more information they can reach me at

Greg Stone

Staff Coordinator

Shelterwood Academy


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