Political Internships Available

The Koster for Missouri Campaign is currently looking for interns and fellows at UMKC for our fall internship program. This will be an excellent chance for students to become civically engaged, learn how political campaigns run, and participate in the most exciting race of 2016 in Missouri. We want to make sure that your students know about this opportunity; could you please forward the internship information included below to your students? Thanks!




The Koster for Missouri campaign is looking for fall interns to join the campaign for the final stretch leading up to Election Day. The campaign is looking for motivated, dedicated individuals who want to learn the inner workings of a major political campaign and the building of the ground-game that it takes to win.


Hours are very flexible, and the campaign team is a lot of fun. This internship will teach you what goes in to creating a grassroots field program, how to successfully run a GOTV (Get-Out-the-Vote) operation, and you will meet friends and make professional contacts that will last a lifetime.


The campaign is also offering a fellowship program for interns interested in kicking their involvement up a notch. Fellows will take on even more responsibility and leadership roles, and will participate in specialized training programs on campaign data, reporting, and community engagement. The skills fellows will learn will equip them with all of the tools they need to find future employment in the fields of organizing, campaigns, and government.


The Koster for Missouri internship and fellowship programs are designed to be a top-notch, informative, and educational experience – providing an entry-level launching point for future careers in politics. Program participants will engage with voters in their communities, learn from and work directly with seasoned campaign staff, and hear from a number of guest speakers.


To apply for an internship or a fellowship with the Koster for Missouri Campaign or to learn about general volunteer opportunities, apply online at http://bit.ly/1Sk4tWo, call us at (314) 439-1645, or email us at missouricampaigninternship2016@gmail.com<mailto:missouricampaigninternship2016@gmail.com>.

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