Urban Field School this Summer at John Jay College in NYC

Check out this 3-week intensive methods course that may be of interest to students looking to study urban ethnography in New York City this summer with Professor Ric Curtis. We call Ric the Pied Piper of John Jay College because he inspires so many undergraduates to follow him into the field. Students who take Ethnography and the UrUrban Field Schoolban Experience: Millennials, Youth Crime, and Work in the Inner City will learn an enormous amount and have an amazing experience in the heart of New York City.

For more information regarding this exciting summer opportunity, please feel free to visit http://www.jjay.cuny.edu/summer or contact Douglas Boettner, Director of Special Academic Sessions at dboettner@jjay.cuny.edu.

Thank you for your attention and your help in spreading the word about Ethnography and the Urban Experience in NYC this summer!!!

Sincerely yours,
Anthony Marcus
Chair, Department of Anthropology

John Jay College, City University of New York (CUNY)


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