Career Opportunities for Graduating Seniors

In the last seven years, we’ve seen a lot of big changes in this country. After helping elect Barack Obama, progressive leaders and activists were able to implement the largest change in healthcare availability in over 100 years. We’ve seen marriage equality go from 6 states to the entire nation. We’ve seen Hawaii become the first state to ban plastic grocery bags, and three states ban fracking.

That’s a great start, but there’s a lot of work left to do.

It’s still legal in 29 states to fire someone from their job just because of their sexual orientation. Women’s reproductive healthcare is under constant attack, threatening access to basic healthcare services for millions of American women. The effects of global climate change are becoming more pronounced and severe, and time to do anything about it is running out.

Grassroots Campaigns is a national, progressive political consulting firm specializing in running face-to-face field campaigns. Over the next year, our activists will reach millions of people all across the country to talk about the issues and call those people to action, inspiring millions to act by giving donations, time, and energy to top organizations working on the issue. We’re currently partnering with groups like the ACLU, The Nature Conservancy, Doctors Without Borders, and many others. In 2016, we’ll also be working in key states across the country to elect candidates who will advance progressive issues.
We’re Hiring!

Grassroots Campaigns is looking to interview interested students to join our teams as Canvass Directors and Assistant Canvass Directors.
We’re already running campaigns in major cities across the country, and we’ll be launching new projects in places like Minnesota, Florida, Texas, and Arizona as we build towards 2016.

There is no better time get involved and shape the next generation of activists that will take this country in a more progressive direction and see change on issues that matter now.

Directors from the Kansas City office will be on campus from February
6-8 meeting with interested candidates and holding interviews.
Students who are interested should contact Leah Mueth directly:

We are also hiring undergraduates to work on our campaigns as Field Managers. These jobs are a great way to get involved on the campaign and have a huge impact before you graduate. We hire students to work part time during the school year, and we will be considering applicants who want to work on campaigns next summer as well. Go to to apply!

Please visit our website,, for more information about current and past campaigns.

Grassroots Campaigns past and current clients include: Amnesty International, the ACLU, Oxfam America, Doctors Without Borders, the League of Conservation Voters, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Equality California, Lambda Legal, Freedom to Marry, the Southern Poverty Law Center, VoteVets, the Democratic National Committee, Political Action, Repower America, Working America, Common Cause, and the Center for American Progress, and Save the Children. (Save the Children is an independent organization and is not religiously or politically aligned. Save the Children has no direct affiliation with the organizations Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. partners with.)

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