TAC Conference on Cultural Heritage Media

Members of your department may have an interest in media projects on cultural heritage topics. Please share with them this information about a unique gathering that will happen May 11-15, 2016. This event, The Archaeology Channel Conference on Cultural Heritage Media, takes place in connection with our annual juried film competition, The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival. Find Conference details at http://archaeologychannel.org/events-guide/tac-conference-on-cultural-heritage-media-2016 and our Festival page at http://archaeologychannel.org/events-guide/international-film-and-video-festival.

At this point in time, the media world is in a state of flux because of developments in audiovisual technology and a widespread exploration of and experimentation in new media. Professional disciplines such as archaeology and education are searching for the best uses of media to convey their messages and information to students and other members of the public. Educators are testing new ways to put film productions in front of students, diversifying the ways by which they learn from film, video and audio programming. We see an opportunity and a need here to bring together a diverse array of cultural heritage media stakeholders worldwide in one place at one time to have a big conversation about the future of this genre.

The Conference is a unique international meeting of diverse people and organizations with an interest in cultural heritage media. Our goal is to create an unparalleled worldwide networking opportunity for cultural heritage educators and others interested in the making and uses of cultural heritage media, including broadcasters, distributors, anthropologists, archaeologists, indigenous groups, musicians, artists, tourism operators, journalists, filmmakers, historic preservation organizations, and others.

Why should you take part in this event? Consider what you can do here:

Stop complaining about media portrayals of anthropology and do something about it.
Get familiar with media people and the media process.
Play a concrete role in shaping media to deliver the true messages of anthropology.
Help anthropology take a leading role in media programming development.
Learn how others are using cultural heritage media in the classroom.
Meet and partner with others who want to create new media tools for education.
Share your ideas through a professional paper, symposium or forum.
Be part of the group that spawned a new vision for cultural heritage media in the 21st Century.

Early feedback indicates that this Conference will be well attended and dynamic, bringing together many of the leading global stakeholders in audiovisual media for cultural heritage. We hope you can join them.

The deadline for Conference abstract submissions is October 31, 2015. The deadline for Festival film submissions is October 31, 2015. Please visit the Conference page (http://archaeologychannel.org/events-guide/tac-conference-on-cultural-heritage-media-2016), submit your registration and plan to take part. Share this information with your network! We look forward to seeing you.

Richard M. (Rick) Pettigrew, Ph.D., RPA
Executive Director and President
Archaeological Legacy Institute
4147 E. Amazon Dr.
Eugene, OR 97405

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