Institute of Higher Education Sciences Fellowship Program at University of Chicago

I’m writing to let you know some exciting news at UChicago. We are one of only five universities to receive funding from the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) in the US Dept. of Education in 2014. We are using this funding to begin a new and ambitious program that integrates research and practice across the university to address a question of critical importance: How can we improve the contribution of schooling to the life success of children growing up in the nation’s cities?

We conducted a highly successful recruitment campaign last year, recruiting 11 outstanding IES Fellows, with diverse backgrounds, experiences, expertise, and perspectives. This is the largest and most diverse IES cohort since the program began at the University.

Please see the IES Flyer 2015  that contains links to more detailed info. You can also learn more at on the Committee on Education’s website.

Fellows will receive $30,000 stipend for 5 years along with funds for travel and research and opportunities for funded dissertation projects.

The program builds upon prior, highly successful IES programs at the university that have produced 10 assistant professors, 5 Postdoctoral fellows, and 4 Senior Analysts at research firms.

Two of our fellows won the prestigious national IES Outstanding Pre-Doctoral Fellow Award.

Please contact Terese Schwartzman, IES Recruitment and Program Development Director, ( with any questions you have.


Patrick Hall
Dean of Students
Social Sciences Division
University of Chicago

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