Beyond Family – Family Care Specialist Position Available

Position: Family Care Specialist

An individual with skills to provide parenting aid services to families and children. The position is for an Independent Contractor willing to teach individuals parenting skills and/or supervise children visits with families. This also requires transporting children to/from visits. A person with excellent communication skills, writing skills, and verification skills is essential. The person is responsible for preparing daily notes and monthly reports about the clients. This individual is aware and knowledgeable of cultural, ethnicity, life styles, economic and sexual gender differences. This person is self-motivated and takes the initiative.


• Bachelor’s degree or pursuit in Human Services (Social Work,
Therapy, Criminal Justice, Education, Counseling, Psychology,
Sociology, etc.)
• Adequate transportation
• Current Auto Insurance
• Valid Driver License
• 21 years of age
• Background approval
• Report Writing
• Three letters of professional recommendations
• Complete 25 hours of parent aid training (on the job)
 Pay Rate:
$18-$22 *per unit/hour

Flexible Schedule:
Days: Sunday – Saturday, Time: Evenings and Weekends
No Benefits
This is a field position

Cammie, Director

Beyond Family, LLC
4501 Troost Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64110
816.272.8113 office;816.272.8114 fax

*No implied endorsement by UMKC Department of Sociology



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