Sociology/Anthropology Summer 2015 Courses

Needing some electives for summer? Consider the following:


Sociol 211 – Social and Psychological Development Through the Lifecycle

A survey of significant psychosocial issues, events and crises throughout the human life span. The life cycle of the family is examined as the primary context within which individual development occurs. Although the primary emphasis will be on normal adjustment and development, attention will also be given to the occurrence of special problems and deviations at each life stage. (3 credits)

Dr. Deborah Smith – 5W1 – MTR – 4:00-6:45pm

Anthro/Sociol 300RE – Special Topics in Anthroplogy: The Anthropological Study of Dreams and Dreaming

In this course we will explore a variety of cases in which these and other phenomena have been understood as phenomena that mediate between this and other- worldly realms. Some of the questions the course will attempt to address include: What can learn by examining the ways different societies have, and continue to understand the pan-human experience of dreaming? What is the difference between a night dream and a daydream? How do visions of various sorts work to bind pasts and futures together? How, exactly, are private visionary experiences translated into public realities, and under what circumstances might such visions take on ‘lives’ of their own? And what might our ‘native’ understandings of visionary phenomena reveal about our lifeworld? (3 credits)

Dr. Jeffrey Bennett – 4W1 – MTWR – 1:00-3:45pm

Sociol/Anthro 322 – Race and Ethnic Relations

The nature, origin and dynamics of ethnic and race relations in the U. S. and other societies. Specific attention will be given to the historical and contemporary contexts of prejudice discrimination and confrontation. (3 credits)

Dr. Theresa Torres – 8WK – Internet Course

Anthro/Sociol 326 – Consumer Society

This course explores the emergence of Consumer Society as both a sociohistorical development and as an object of social scientific inquiry. Students will explore how the study of Consumer Society has been animated by different scholarly questions, debates, and analytic approaches. (3 credits)

Dr. Jennifer Huberman – 4W2 – WTWR – 9:00-11:45am

Anthro/Sociol 339 – American Indian Leaders: Past and Present

This course will examine the definition of leadership as it relates to American Indian issues. Consideration will be given to the nuances of leadership by examining the social, cultural, economic, and political situations that gave cause for particular individuals to assume roles of leadership. The course will compare and contrast the notions of leadership within American Indian ranks with those practiced by non-Indian leaders. It will trace the evolving nature of leadership within tribal nations and American Indian communities from past to present, as well as looking at Indian leadership roles in time of war and peace. Lives of the major characters of American Indian historical record will be reviewed, such as Geronimo, Crazy horse, Sitting Bull, Osceola, Tecumseh, Pontiac, Black Hawk, Quannah Parker, and Captain Jack. (1 credit)

Dr. Michael Tosee –  Class meets Sat/Sun (8:30-4:30) Saturday, June 13 and Sunday, June 14 at the Kansas City Indian Center, 600 W 39th Street, KCMO.

Required Sociology Courses:

Anthro 103 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

An introduction to culture and the basic concepts of anthropology. Topics include kinship, language, and cultural change. (3 credits)

Dr. Jeffrey Bennett – 4W1 – MTWR – 9:00-11:45am

Dr. Jennifer Huberman – 4W2 – MTWR – 1:00-3:45pm

Sociol 263/CJC 210/CJC 363 – Introduction to Statistics in Sociology/Criminal Justice

A first course in the statistical analysis of quantitative data. Course emphasizes descriptive statistics, probability theory, parameter estimation, bivariate hypothesis testing, and computer applications. Prerequisites: MATH 110, MATH 116 or an equivalent. Cross-listings: CJC 210. (3 credits)

Dr. Ricardo Marte – 4W1 – MTWR – 1:00-3:45pm

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