Recent publications

Our team has published a variety of manuscripts that focus on social-cognitive predictors of health and well-being among patients with chronic illnesses. We invite you to check them out, and please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

(*denotes a mentored student as a co-author)

Publications focusing on self-blame attributions:

Hamilton, J., *Eways, K.R., Hardt, M., *Ramirez, A.H., & Bennett, K.K. (2022).  Evaluation of self-blame attributions in patients with head/neck or lung cancer engaged in high-risk health behaviorsNorth American Journal of Psychology, 24 (3), 385-393.

*Eways, K.R., Bennett, K.K., Hamilton, J.L., *Harry, K.M., Marszalek, J., Marsh, M-J., O., & *Wilson, E.J. (2020). The Self-Blame Attributions for Cancer Scale: Development and psychometric properties. Oncology Nursing Forum, 47 (1), 79-88.

*Harry, K.M., Bennett, K.K., Marszalek, J.M., *Eways, K.R., *Clark, J.M.R., Smith, A.J., Waters, M.A., Bergland, D.S., Umhoefer, A.J., & *Wilson, E.J. (2018). Scale development and psychometric properties of the Cardiac Self-Blame Attributions scale in patients with cardiovascular diseaseHealth Psychology Open.  July-December, 1-6.  DOI: 10.1177/2055102918786865

*Harry, K.M., & Bennett, K.K., *Clark, J.M.R., *Howarter, A.D., & *Eways, K.R. (2015).  Self-blame attributions and symptom experiences in cardiac rehabilitation patientsNorth American Journal of Psychology, 17 (3), 541-554.

Bennett, K. K., *Howarter, A. D., & *Clark, J.M.R. (2013).  Self-blame attributions, control appraisals, and distress among cardiac rehabilitation patientsPsychology and Health, 28 (6), 637-652.

Bennett, K. K., Compas, B. E., Beckjord, E, & Glinder, J. (2005).  Self-blame and distress among women with newly diagnosed breast cancer. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 28, 313-323.

Publications focusing on cardiac attributions:

Bennett, K.K., *Harry, K.M., *Eways, K.R., *Wilson, E.R., *Clark, J.M.R., *Howarter, A.D., & Murdock, T.B. (2019).  Stability in cardiac attributions before and after cardiac rehabilitationRehabilitation Nursing, 44 (2), 115-122.

Bennett, K.K., *Clark, J.M.R., *Harry, K.M., & *Howarter, A.D. (2016).  Causal attributions following a cardiac event: Short- and long-term differences in health outcomesHealth Psychology Open, 3 (1), January-June, 1-9.

Bennett, K. K., & Marte, R. M. (2013).  Patient attributions for cardiac events: Predictors of physical and psychological recoveryJournal of Applied Social Psychology, 43, 660-672.

Publications focusing on social-cognitive predictors of health outcomes:

*Wilson, E.J., Bennett, K.K., *Clark, J.M.R., *Harry, K.M., Tiznado, D., *Eways, K.R., *Ramirez, A., & Marte, R.M. (2020).  The interaction between fatalism and religious attendance is negatively associated with mental health-related quality of life in Hispanic/Latino Americans low in acculturation.  North American Journal of Psychology, 22 (4), 521-541.

Bennett, K.K., Smith, A.J., *Harry, K.M., *Clark, J.M.R., Waters, M.A., Umhoefer, A.J., Bergland, B.S., *Eways, K.R., & *Wilson, E.J. (2019).  Multi-level factors predicting cardiac rehabilitation attendance and adherence in underserved patients at a safety-net hospitalJournal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention, 39 (2), 97-104.

*Eways, K.E., Bennett, K.K., *Harry, K.M., *Clark, J.M.R., & *Wilson, E.J. (2019).  The impact of perceived control on psychological distress and health behavior adherence in patients with cardiovascular diseaseJournal of Nursing Education and Practice, 9 (2), 76-84.

*Clark, J.M.R., Marszalek, J.M., Bennett, K.K., *Harry, K.M., *Howarter, A D., *Eways, K.R. & Reed, K.S. (2016). Comparison of factor structure models for the Beck Anxiety Inventory among cardiac rehabilitation patients. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 89, 91-97.

*Howarter, A.D., Bennett, K.K., Barber, C.E., Gessner, S.N., & *Clark, J.M.R. (2014).  Exercise self-efficacy and symptoms of depression after cardiac rehabilitation: Predicting changes over time using a piecewise growth curve analysisJournal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 29 (2), 168-177.

Bennett, K. K., *Buchanan, J., & *Adams, A. D. (2012). Social-cognitive predictors of intention to vaccinate against the human papillomavirus in college-age womenJournal of Social Psychology, 152 (4), 480-492.

Publications examining the effects of stress, poverty, and discrimination:

Bennett, K.K., Buchanan, D.M., Jones, P., & Spertus, J.A. (2015).  Socioeconomic status, cognitive-emotional factors, and health status following myocardial infarction: Testing the Reserve Capacity ModelJournal of Behavioral Medicine, 38 (1), 110-121.

*Howarter, A. D., & Bennett, K. K. (2013).  Perceived discrimination and health-related quality of life: Testing the Reserve Capacity Model in Hispanic AmericansJournal of Social Psychology, 153 (1), 62-79.

Other collaborations:

Beck, A.R., Bennett, K.K., & Jones, B.L. (2023).  Social connection, inclusion, and belonging.  In J. Babal, S. Webber, & M. Moreno (Eds.), Understanding and cultivating well-being for the pediatrician (pp. 231-252).  Springer.

Christensen, K. Bauer, A., Burgin, T., Williams, J.L., McDowd, J., Sutkin, G., Bennett, K.K., Bowe Thompson, C., & Berkley-Patton, J. (2022).  “Black women don’t always put our healthcare first”: Facilitators and barriers to cervical cancer screening and perceptions of HPV self-testing among church-affiliated African-American womenCommunity Health Equity Research and Policy.  Advanced Online Publication.

Patel, S., Chrisman, M., & Bennett, K.K. (2022).  Development and psychometric testing of the Sense of Belonging in Nursing School (SBNS) scaleJournal of Nursing Measurement. DOI:10.1891/JNM-2021-0005

Patel, S.E., Chrisman, M., Russell, C.L., Lasiter, S., Bennett, K.K., & Pahls, M. (2022).  Relationship between staff nurse incivility and undergraduate nursing students’ sense of belonging to the nursing profession.  Nurse Education in Practice, 62, 103320.

Bray, K.K., Bennett, K.K., & Catley, D.C. (2021).  Fidelity of motivational interviewing training for dental hygiene students.  Journal of Dental Education, 85 (3), 287-292.

Bauer, A.G., Berkley-Patton, J., Bennett, K.K., Catley, D., Bowe-Thompson, C., Lister, S., & Christensen, K. (2020)Dietary intake among church-affiliated African Americans: The role of intentions and beliefs.  Journal of Black Psychology, 46 (1), 29-54.

Glusman, M., Bruce, A., Smith, J., Thelen, J., Lynch, S., Catley, D., Bennett, K.K., & Bruce, J. (2019).  Discontinuing treatment against medical advice: The role of patient-provider relationships in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosisAnnals of Behavioral Medicine, 53 (3), 283-289.

Bennett, K. K., Behrendt, L. S, & Boothby, J. L. (2011).  Instructor perceptions of academic dishonesty: Are we finding common ground?  Teaching of Psychology, 38 (1), 29-35.

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