The University of Missouri-Kansas City is going smoke- and tobacco-free on August 1, 2014. Previously, smoking was permitted at designated outdoor areas. Smoking will now be prohibited on the UMKC campus and on all properties owned, operated, leased or controlled by UMKC.

Both the Volker and Hospital Hill campuses and all properties owned or leased by the university are included in this policy, and the policy applies to all areas of campus, including student housing.

Violation of the policy is defined as smoking or using smoking products on university property. “Smoking,” as defined herein, means the act of drawing into one’s mouth smoke or a vaporized substance that has been ignited, combusted, or vaporized.

“Smoking products” include, but are not limited to, tobacco, cloves cigarettes, all cigarette products (cigarettes, bidis, kreteks, e-cigarettes, etc.) and all smoke-producing devices (cigars, pipes, hookahs, etc.).

All UMKC employees and students will be informed of the university’s Smoking Policy, and all students, visitors and employees are asked to comply with it.

Those who violate the policy will be subject to corrective action under the Human Resources Policies and Procedures or other applicable university regulations or policies.


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