Customer Portal Shipping Update

June 15, 2021


We have implemented a new shipping system which addresses the difficulties of the previous system. Customers are now able to add any quantity of physical materials (SI Strategy Cards, SI Session Planning Manual and The Leader’s Guide to SI) to their order, up to a limit of 100 total physical items for customers in the US, and up to a limit of 30 total physical items for international customers. For orders which will need to exceed those amounts, please contact us at

At checkout, the new system asks customers to select a “Delivery Method” from a set range of item amounts which matches the number of physical items they wish to purchase. Each range is associated with a flat shipping rate, as seen below:

None – for registrations, digital products, etc.
SI DOMESTIC (1-2 items) – $6
SI DOMESTIC (3-12 items) – $12
SI DOMESTIC (13-20 items) – $18
SI DOMESTIC (21-50 items) – $45
SI DOMESTIC (51-100 items) – $90 (note: this is at the bottom of the drop-down list on the Delivery Methods page)
SI Intrnt’l (1-5 items) – $25
SI Intrnt’l (6-12 items) – $50
SI Intrnt’l (13-30 items) – $70
SI DOMESTIC Small Kit – $15.50
SI DOMESTIC Medium Kit – $21.90
SI DOMESTIC Large Kit – $43.80

Please continue reading the Guide and SI Leader Resource Kits sections that follow for more information about using the new system.


When completing checkout, you will be prompted to select a Delivery Method from a drop-down list, as seen below:

Screenshot of Delivery Methods page.

Screenshot of Delivery Methods drop-down options.

Select the appropriate region (domestic or international) and item range (1-2, 3-12, etc) which matches the total number of physical items in your order, disregarding any number of non-physical items (registrations, digital products, etc) which may also be in your order. If your cart only contains digital materials or registrations, please select the None option as your Delivery Method.

Click the View Rates button on the same page to see the flat shipping charge that will be added to the order, as seen below:

Screenshot of Shipping Rates window on Delivery Methods page.

SI Leader Resource Kits

We have added a new product package to the store: SI Leader Resource Kits. These offer a bundle of each physical item in varying quantities. When purchasing a single Resource Kit, multiple Resource Kits, or any combination of Resource Kits with individual amounts of physical items, please take care to select the correct delivery method for your order at checkout:

  • With a single Resource Kit as the only amount of physical products in your cart, please select the appropriate “SI DOMESTIC Kit” option as your order’s delivery method to receive a reduced shipping rate calculated solely for the shipment of this item quantity.
  • If you have any additional amounts of physical items in your cart besides the single Resource Kit, including multiple Resource Kits or a combination of Resource Kits and individual amounts of physical items, you will need to select the appropriate total physical item range for your order instead.

Thank you for your patience, and for working with us while we launch the new system!