This conference was officially canceled on April 27, 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Inspiring Purpose: Shaping the SI Story

Baltimore, Maryland, inspires individuals to share their transformative stories. The Battle of Baltimore sparked the poem that became “The Star Spangled Banner.” Gertrude Stein and Edgar Allan Poe wrote many of their seminal works in Baltimore. And more than one million immigrants began new chapters in the United States when they landed at Locust Point—just outside Baltimore’s Inner Harbor—between the 1870s-1920s, making it the second largest point of entry.

Supplemental Instruction is also an access point that shapes students’ success stories. Students who attend SI sessions journey through the experiences of others, enriching their understanding of how to learn. They become innovators, creating their purpose through challenge and triumph.

We invite you to contribute to a new chapter in the SI story at the 11th International Conference on Supplemental Instruction as we explore the ways that SI inspires purpose in our program administrators, faculty, SI Leaders, and students.