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John Kevern Recognized for Outstanding Activities as Faculty Advisor to UMKC ASCE Student Chapter

Assistant Professor John Kevern has received a Certificate of Commendation for outstanding activities as Faculty Advisor for the UMKC American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Student Chapter. He was nominated by the UMKC ASCE Student Chapter officers to be commended for his outstanding work and dedication as a faculty advisor in 2011. The ASCE Student Chapter was also honored for their activities in 2011. Congratulations Dr. Kevern and our UMKC ASCE Student Chapter!

ASCE Student Chapter Receives National Award!

The UMKC American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) student chapter received a Letter of Honorable Mention from ASCE national headquarters for “its outstanding activities as recorded in the 2011 Chapter Annual Report”. Activities by the chapter’s 50 or so members included professional development activities to improve internship prospects, volunteer activities such as Wyandotte county trail restoration, toys for tots, highway cleanup, and helping with a charity golf tournament, participating in the steel bridge competition at K-State, 5 meetings which highlighted the various areas of civil engineering, and Joint meetings with the professional Kansas City ASCE chapter, student American Public Works Association (APWA) chapter, and professional chapter of the local American Welding Society (AWS) chapter. SCE congratulates all our ASCE members, its President Kyle Dunning and the ASCE student chapter faculty advisors, John Kevern and Jerry Richardson.

UMKC Steel Bridge Team Wins First Place Overall at Regionals

UMKC SCE’s Steel Bridge Team is going to the AISC Steel Bridge Nationals! The team of 5 seniors and 5 juniors have been declared the regional champions, returning from the April 19-20 Mid-Continent Conference Steel Bridge Competition in Lincoln, NE with FIVE 1st place wins, including FIRST PLACE OVERALL. Judged in 7 categories, our UMKC Steel Roos took first place in the categories of Construction Speed, Stiffness, Lightness, Efficiency and of course, FIRST OVERALL. They placed second in Economy and fifth in Display. Of particular interest and pride is that the measured deflection their bridge experienced upon loading matched exactly their analytical predictions! Two SCE seniors, Kyle Dunning and Isaac Somogie, were team co-leaders. Professors John Kevern and Jerry Richardson served as faculty co-advisors for the team. The team will go on to compete at the AISC Steel Bridge Nationals held May 25-26, 2012 at Clemson University. K-State secured second place overall and earned a trip to nationals as well. The final ranking was 1) UMKC, 2) KSU, 3) Mizzou, 4) UNL – Omaha, 5) MST, 6) UNL – Lincoln, 7) KU, 8 ) SIUE, 9) SLU, 10) U of OK, 11) SIUC and 12) MO State, OK State, & U of Arkansas.

Our Steel Roos have a tremendous record in this competition! In the last seven years of competition at the annual Mid-Continent Conference Steel Bridge Competition, the UMKC Steel Bridge Team has placed FIRST 5 times. This is unprecedented by any Steel Bridge team within the conference. From 2006-2009 they placed FIRST for four consecutive years; in 2010 the team took a year off from competition in order to rebuild; and in 2011 the team was disqualified because their bridge exceeded lateral deflection limits. At the 2009 national competition in Las Vegas, our Steel Roos took 1st in Stiffness and placed in the 10 ten of teams competing. We hope that 2012 will be the year when our Steel Roos advance their ranking at the national competition! 

From left to right: Jade Rodell, Jessica Everhart, Jessica Sturgess,Christy Wilson, Isaac Smogie, Kevin Buck, Spencer Solon, Taylor Christmas, Huy Dao and Kyle Dunning