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What do geese and surveyors have in common?

Our local UMKC geese encouraged 15 SCE civil engineering students to enjoy the rainy weather on Saturday, September 8, while participating in their surveying skills class, CE401SV. The class, offered every fall, covers field and lab components. The students worked on laying out a fictional building on the Quad and learned that surveyors do indeed work in the rain. Dr. John Kevern, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, created and instructs this popular class.

John Kevern teaches new surveying applied skills course

With plans to offer the course every fall, Professor John Kevern introduced in Fall 2011 SCE’s first one credit hour surveying applied skills course. The course provides students a fundamental introduction to the elements of surveying. Basics including terminology, coordinate systems, equipment, legal descriptions, and calculations are taught in the classroom and the field laboratory sessions introduce the students to setting up basic equipment, running a level loop, and laying out a site based on plan designs. SCE students participating in the course felt it provided them practical applied skills which will help them in their engineering careers.