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Start-up EyeVerify using technology developed by SCE professor Reza Derakhshani

KCTV5 featured start-up EyeVerify in its June 7th Building An Entrepreneurial City segment. The start-up company, headed by entrepreneur Toby Rush, is using the biometric technology developed by Dr. Reza Derakhshani and colleagues in an application that will make your eye the only password you will ever need to secure your smart phone and mobile devices. The company has raised $1,400,000 and plans to pilot the product this Fall with the commercial release in early 2013. EyeVerify was recently featured in VentureBeat and also listed as one of Silicon Prairie’s notable tech start-ups in the Kansas City Star article, Tech startups sprout on Silicon Prairie.

IEEE Robotics Team Competes in Tulsa, OK

Fourteen student members and three advisors from the UMKC IEEE Robotics Team travelled to Tulsa, Oklahoma on April 19th for the annual Region 5 IEEE Robotics Competition. Two robots were entered the competition from UMKC’s School of Computing and Engineering, but only one robot was checked-in to compete because of a motor malfunction. Due to a miscommunication, the second robot was placed by a judge instead of a team member (as has been the rule for the past seven years) on the track in a different location than anticipated causing the robot to miss the first targeted energy source. Clement Lumanyika and Andrew Gatrost entered the Circuit Design Competition and came in fourth place. Two Robot Team alumni came to the competition to show their support and various others were watching on UTube. Unfortunately team members Mell Carter and Blake Huntington were not able to attend the competition.

Congratulations to the UMKC IEEE Robotics Team members Scot Banes, Andrew Blackton, Mell Carter, Lisa Chen, Oliver Craig, Tim Gitau, Blake Huntington, Aaron Hurst, Clement Lumanyika, Matt Mohler, Ariel Muthyala, Eddie Pogosov, Victor Skulavik, Jordie Smith, Sarah Withee, Vicky Wu and the IEEE Robotics Team advisors Eddie Burris, Reza Derakhshani and Debby Dilks.

Trifecta at SGA Award Banquet – SCE congratulates Reza Derakhshani, Whitney Molloy & Tim Williams

SCE proudly congratulates Whitney Molloy, Director of SCE Student Affairs, and Reza Derakhshani, Associate Professor of Computer Science Electrical Engineering, for being honored with Apple Polisher Awards at the April 12, 2012 banquet sponsored by UMKC’s Student Government Association (SGA)! SCE also proudly congratulates SCE Student Council President Tim Williams. Tim received the SGA’s 2012 Most Outstanding School Council Leader Award for his leadership and his work within the SGA.

Apple Polisher Awards honor UMKC outstanding faculty and staff who have had a made a significant impact on students’ lives, professionally, academically and/or personally. Nominations for the Apple Polisher awards are made by student leaders. Whitney Molloy was nominated for the award by SCE 2012 Student Council President, Tim Williams, and Dr. Reza Derakhshani was nominated by Sashi Kanth Saripalle, his Ph.D. student.

SCE Professor Reza Derakhshani’s Research Licensed

A new start-up company, EyeVerify, is utilizing UMKC SCE Professor Reza Derakhshani’s eye-vein biometrics research to develop a biometric personal authentication software module able to identify a cell phone device user. According to the Silicon Prairie News article, Kansas City startup EyeVerify sees opportunity in the whites of your eyes, “Derakhshani, in tandem with Arun Ross at West Virginia University, discovered and patented the core concept of eye-vein biometrics” and “EyeVerify has since acquired an exclusive license to the patent and related IP. Derakhshani, Ross and their teams continue to be engaged and are advancing the science behind EyeVerify.”

Four SCE professors receive 2011 UM Research Board Awards

Four SCE professors have received 2011 University of Missouri Research Board (UMRB) Awards. These awards are competitive and their goal is to provide leverage toward external funding. We congratulate:

  •  Drs. Reza Derakhshani and Gregory King (Co-PIs) for project title Biomechanical and Neurological Correlates of Balance Impairment
  •  Dr. Amber Stern for project title Aging Bone: Age Effects of Osteocyte Sensing of Skeletal Loading
  •  Dr. Ganesh Thiagarajan for project title Macro and Micro Finite Element Analysis of Mouse Ulna and Radius

Reza Derakhshani’s Research Featured!

Assistant professor Reza Derakhshani’s research was featured in UM’s Research and Economic Development Annual Report, providing UM System readers an example of the exciting research being conducted by UMKC faculty.  SCE is proud to have one of our faculty represent our campus.  This same story has also been chosen for a publication UM System Vice President Mike Nichols is taking to a United Kingdom BioTrinity 2011 conference this April.


SCE Professor Reza Derakhshani to lecture for LHL’s Science Matters Series

On Thursday, March 10, at 12 noon Dr. Reza Derakhshani will give a talk on “Machine Intelligence: from Babbage to Watson”. He will explore what is intelligence? Can it be reverse engineered into a silicon wafer? Is the singularity near? These are some of the questions that we will entertain as we discuss the past, current state of the art, and the future of intelligent machines. Reza Derakhshani, Ph.D. joined the UMKC School of Computing and Engineering as an assistant professor in 2004. He earned his Ph.D. and Master’s degrees in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering respectively from West Virginia University. Dr. Reza Derakhshani’s research interests are in computational intelligence paradigms, especially artificial neural networks, and their applications in biomedical signal analysis, biometrics (physical and psychophysiological), and physiological system identification His interdisciplinary research has brought about close collaborations with researchers from different medical and engineering fields. Some of his recent research projects include noninvasive brain computer interfacing, a new patented biometric modality based on vasculature on the white of the eye, neural network models of human joints, and non-obtrusive psychophysiological pattern recognition using postural and ocular dynamics. His work has been funded by various state and federal agencies, and has resulted in a number of peer-reviewed publications and a U.S. Patent. Please visit Professor Reza Derakhshani’s website for more details.