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SCE hosts Python Programming Language Workshop for Beginners

PythonKC is a local group of enthusiasts for the Python programming language. On Friday and Saturday June 22-23, PythonKC held a Beginners Python Workshop in 302 Flarsheim. About 20 people attended the install-fest Friday night and 45 attended the Saturday workshop. Attendees were about evenly divided between experienced/professional developers interested in learning a new language, and beginners learning the basics of programming. The youngest participant was 9, he wants to learn Python so he can write games. Attendees worked on several projects, including a word game, basic graphics programming, using Python to retrieve Twitter messages, and basic Web programming. Lunch was provided by the generosity of the Python Software Foundation. More information about PythonKC can be found at http://www.meetup.com/pythonKC . Python founder Andrew Schoen and members Juan Gomez and Brian Hare helped organize the event. Brian is a SCE Assistant Teaching Professor in SCE’s Department of Computer Science Electrical Engineering.