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Blast Blind Simulation contest draws contestants worldwide

SCE Professor of Civil Engineering Dr. Ganesh Thiagarajan’s National Science Foundation (NSF) award (# CMMI 0748085, PI: Ganesh Thiagarajan) funded a Blast Blind Simulation Contest that attracted 40 worldwide entries. Continue reading

Haiyang Qian (PhD ‘2012) is finalist in prestigious competition

Haiyang Qian (PhD’2012) is a finalist in the international doctoral dissertation competition organized by IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management (IM2013) which will be held in Ghent Belgium May 27-31, 2013. Event details are available on the IM 2013 website. Dr. Qian’s dissertation examines “Data center resource management with temporal data center resource management with temporal dynamic workload.”

Authors who completed their dissertation in 2012 were asked to submit their work in the form of an extended abstract of the dissertation, not exceeding 6 pages (excluding for references) to an open call for dissertation digest by the IFIP/IEEE IM2013 dissertation selection committee. The extended abstracts were first reviewed by at least three anonymous reviewers and the dissertation selection committee then identified a list of finalists. As a result, seven dissertations, including Haiyang’s, have been chosen as finalists by this selection process. All finalists are asked to submit a copy of their dissertation, in addition to the extended abstracts. All finalists have been invited to present their dissertation work during the IFIP/IEEE IM’2013 conference in Ghent, Belgium. Besides Haiyang, the finalists include two from Canada, and one each France, Belgium, Portugal, and Spain.

We congratulate Dr. Haiyang Qian for being selected as a finalist to this prestigious dissertation competition and wish him well for the final presentation in Ghent. His dissertation advisor was Dr. Deep Medhi, Curators’ Professor of Computer Science Electrical Engineering and UMKC Trustee’s Faculty Fellow.