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SCE Providing Networking Opportunities for Students


SCE is always looking for ways to engage students and ensure that they are able to find jobs when they graduate.  This fall, SCE will host eleven computing and engineering companies as part of the SCE Career Connections program. This program provides an opportunity for SCE students to interact with the companies and learn more about the career options they offer. In addition, on October 2nd, UMKC Career Services will be hosting a career fair featuring a number of STEM companies. In addition, local engineering companies will be holding on-campus interviews for potential employees.
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Haiyang Qian (PhD ‘2012) is finalist in prestigious competition

Haiyang Qian (PhD’2012) is a finalist in the international doctoral dissertation competition organized by IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management (IM2013) which will be held in Ghent Belgium May 27-31, 2013. Event details are available on the IM 2013 website. Dr. Qian’s dissertation examines “Data center resource management with temporal data center resource management with temporal dynamic workload.”

Authors who completed their dissertation in 2012 were asked to submit their work in the form of an extended abstract of the dissertation, not exceeding 6 pages (excluding for references) to an open call for dissertation digest by the IFIP/IEEE IM2013 dissertation selection committee. The extended abstracts were first reviewed by at least three anonymous reviewers and the dissertation selection committee then identified a list of finalists. As a result, seven dissertations, including Haiyang’s, have been chosen as finalists by this selection process. All finalists are asked to submit a copy of their dissertation, in addition to the extended abstracts. All finalists have been invited to present their dissertation work during the IFIP/IEEE IM’2013 conference in Ghent, Belgium. Besides Haiyang, the finalists include two from Canada, and one each France, Belgium, Portugal, and Spain.

We congratulate Dr. Haiyang Qian for being selected as a finalist to this prestigious dissertation competition and wish him well for the final presentation in Ghent. His dissertation advisor was Dr. Deep Medhi, Curators’ Professor of Computer Science Electrical Engineering and UMKC Trustee’s Faculty Fellow.

Kaustubh Dhondge & Hyungbae Park win poster award at GPN conference

Kaustubh Dhondge & Hyungbae Park won the second place student poster award for their poster, “Energy-Efficient Cooperative Opportunistic Positioning for Heterogeneous Mobile Devices”, presented at the Great Plains Network (GPN) Conference, held in Kansas City, Missouri from May 30 to June 1, 2012. Kaustubh Dhondge also presented the paper at the Graduate Student Networking Research Summit. Both Mr. Dhondge and Mr. Park are Ph.D students at UMKC SCE studying computer science, telecommunications and networking disciplines. They have developed an energy-efficient system for mobile devices to obtain their geographic location information. This work (ECOPS) was developed for and tested on Android powered mobile devices. In ECOPS, unlike any other existing approaches the mobile devices cooperate with each other autonomously to know their actual geographic location without any dependence on infrastructure. The experiments to validate its energy efficiency and location accuracy were done at the UMKC soccer field and found that ECOPS provides location accuracy as good as 5 m, and with significantly more energy efficiency than a GPS only scheme, while overcoming various service limitations.

Their research and resulting applications are helping remove universal limitation of smart devices– poor battery life. When smart devices are used in mission critical environments like battlefields, mountaineering expeditions and disaster area assistance, the need for judicious battery usage becomes even more compounded. Kaustubh Dhondge’s & Hyungbae Park’s goal in doing this research was to design a system for these smart devices that provides highly accurate location information while significantly using less energy consumption versus the traditional approach of each device using their own inbuilt GPS. For example, in a battlefield environment this approach will increase the operational time of devices in the network which can make a difference between the success and failure of a mission and help protect soldier’s lives. The research was conducted under the guidance of their Ph.D. adviser, Professor Baek-Young Choi. The other faculty involved and guiding them in the work is Dr. Sejun Song who is with Texas A&M University.

Deep Medhi receives two prestigious UMKC awards

Professor Deep Medhi has been recognized by UMKC for his outstanding graduate mentoring; he is the 2012 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Mentoring recipient, UMKC’s highest honor to a faculty member with a long-established career at the University who has made significant contributions to higher education through exceptional mentoring of graduate students. Dr. Medhi, an internationally known computer networking and telecommunications SCE faculty researcher, has also been recognized for his exceptional research career as the 2012 N.T. Veatch Award for Distinguished Research and Creative Activity awardee, the highest research award on campus given annually to a single faculty member. Please join us in congratulating him for being recognized for his continued pursuit of excellence in teaching, mentoring and research; he is truly an asset to UMKC and SCE. The faculty and staff awards ceremony is March 12, 2012. Last year Dr. Deep Medhi received (earned) the title of Curators’ Professor for his outstanding career as a researcher. We proudly note that Dr. Medhi is the first and only faculty member on campus to have the distinction being a curators’ professor, and awarded both these awards.