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ECE student Jorge Colman creates Iphone/Ipad invention

Jorge Colman, an SCE Electrical Computer Engineering Student, has invented and developed a device that allows iPhone and iPad users to wirelessly watch and manipulate applications on their TV, monitor or projector. The invention would allow people to play games, video chat, surf the web, watch movies, browse pictures, display PowerPoint presentations and manipulate anything that exists on their iPhone or iPad. With a patent pending and a rough prototype, Colman is seeking assistance to finance the final prototype and accepting pre-orders. See the UMKC press release about Jorge and his invention for more details.

SCE ECE student has patent pending!

SCE undergraduate electrical computer engineering student, Jorge Colman, has invented a device that allows iphone/ipad users to wirelessly watch and manipulate iphone/ipad applications on their TV set, monitor or projector Рplay games, video chat, surf the web, watch movies, pictures, and Powerpoint presentations, manipulate anything on an ipad. Currently, he has a patent pending and is now seeking help to finance the final prototype. Learn more and see a video illustrating the prototype’s capabilities here.