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Professor Praveen Rao featured in IBM’s developerWorks

Computer Science Professor Praveen Rao has developed and is teaching innovative coursework that utilizes IBM’s SmartCloud technology. His work and results were recently featured in IBM’s developerWorks. Don’t’ miss hearing first hand from Dr. Praveen Rao how SCE faculty are utilizing the IBM Academic Skills Cloud in their coursework.

Professors Chen & Lee Awarded 2012 IBM Smarter Planet Faculty Innovation Award

SCE congratulates Professors Yugi Lee and ZhiQiang Chen! They have been awarded a 2012 research grant from the IBM Smarter Planet Faculty Innovation Program. Today’s Smart Grid, as an ‘Energy Internet’, holds the promise of transforming the behavior of individuals and communities towards more efficient and greener use of electric power but currently technological gaps exist that prevent achieving such a grand vision, especially in underserved communities and public-domain facilities. Yet technologies have not yet been realized that can provide i) non-intrusive monitoring of energy consumption and behavior at multiple scales, ii) autonomous energy saving mechanisms that are transparent to general users, iii) intelligent prediction of energy costs and expenditures, and iv) evaluation of personalized experiences of smart grid-enabled life at both residence and community levels.

Their project will develop an innovative curriculum at UMKC, titled Smart Sensing and Computing for Smarter Energy. The course is designed for students with a CSEE or CME major at the advanced level of study (senior or graduate level). In the course, interdisciplinary teams and projects were developed to devise and implement novel concepts and solutions that attempt to mitigate the above technological gaps. Ultimately, we envision that the students from this class will be instrumental towards realizing smart grid-enabled smarter buildings, communities, and cities. This is the second IBM Smarter Planet award SCE faculty have received. Dr. Praveen Rao received a 2011 IBM Smart Planet Faculty Innovation Award to develop a new curriculum for health informatics, Towards Smarter Healthcare: New Healthcare IT Curriculum.

Computer Science Students Gain Real Advantage Using IBM Cloud

The IBM Academic Skills Cloud was utilized by students in two of Dr. Yugi Lee’s Fall 2011 courses, CS551 Advanced Software Engineering and CS590VC Virtual Worlds in Computing. UMKC’s School of Computing and Engineering is one of fifty select universities which have access to the IBM Academic Skill Cloud. The cloud repository has access to hardware, software, and various courses including teaching guides, student guides, tests, quizzes, etc. It is ideal for teaching purposes and the results can be seen via this list of the class project videos/websites constructed by our SCE computer science students. Dr. Lee plans to continue using the IBM Academic Skills Cloud in these courses.