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Dr. Masud Chowdhury’s Research Will Examine Keeping Cool While Increasing Performance


Dr. Masud Chowdhury has been awarded University of Missouri Research Board (UMRB) funding to investigate “Technology and Design Hierarchy Independent Modeling and Analysis of Thermal Effects in Nanoscale Integrated Circuits.”  When the power is increased in micro and nano-electronic devices, temperature increases.  That’s as bad for the integrated circuits and systems making up electronic devices as spilling your favorite beverage on them, maybe worse.  To develop newer technologies beyond the capabilities of the current semiconductor industry necessitates innovative, comprehensive tools and techniques to address the critical issues like exponentially increasing power and temperature in micro and nano-electronic devices.

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Ceki Halmen Receives IIRP funding

Ceki Halmen, Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering, has received funding for “Decision Support Tool Model for Scheduling and Resource Allocation in Construction Projects” research in collaboration with Dr. Haitao Li from University of Missouri-Saint Louis. They will receive $37,000 from the University of Missouri Interdisciplinary Intercampus Research Program. The award is competitive and signifies confidence that the work will “elevate the University’s stature through enhanced scholarship and acquisition of external funds.”

Kauffman Foundation Grants $3.2 Million to Form KC STEM Alliance

The Kauffman Foundation has announced a $3.2 million grant that will fund the KC STEM Alliance (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  The University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Computing & Engineering is currently home to KC STEM.  KC STEM, a conglomeration of FIRST Robotics and PLTW (Project Lead The Way), operates to prepare middle and high-school students for STEM-related college degrees and careers.

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