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Amber Rath Stern and Ganesh Thiagarajan on NIH funded research team

SCE’s Dr. Amber Rath Stern and Dr. Ganesh Thiagarajan are part of a UMKC research team just awarded a National Health Institute (NIH) $8.3 million grant to study ‘crosstalk’ between bones and muscles. According to the U Matters article, “In collaboration with Dr. Bonewald, other members of the research team includes Mark Johnson, Ph.D., and Sarah Dallas, Ph.D., members of the Bone Biology research group at the School of Dentistry; and Marco Brotto, Ph.D., director of the Muscle Biology research program housed at the School of Nursing. At the UMKC School of Computing and Engineering, investigators Ganesh Thiagarajan, Ph.D., and Amber Rath-Stern, Ph.D., will work with the clinical researchers to develop computer models for measuring, among other things, the impact of muscle loading on bones. William Guthiel, Ph.D., from the UMKC School of Pharmacy will work with Dr. Bonewald to identify these muscle and bone signaling factors. The ultimate goal of this research is to determine the molecular and cellular mechanisms that contribute to the coordinated development of bone and muscle conditions in the elderly. Current treatments for osteoporosis are aimed at controlling the activity of special cells in bone which are responsible for bone formation and bone removal, called osteoblasts and osteoclasts, respectively. “

Civil Engineering Students Win Awards at ACI Missouri Concrete conference

Our American Concrete Institute (ACI) student chapter brought home top awards from the ACI Missouri Concrete Conference held on April 26, 2012 at MS&T in Rolla. The conference featured two student competitions organized by construction industry professionals attending the conference. Civil Engineering (CE) senior Kevin Buck won 1st place in the undergraduate poster competition and Master’s CE student Gunjan Sheye won 3rd place in the graduate poster competition. It was clear that team work pays off when CE senior Andrew O’Laughlin and Gunjan Shetye won 1st place for best artistic concrete. The winners were awarded cash prizes sponsored by the ACI Missouri chapter. Completing its first year as a student organization, our UMKC ACI student chapter can take pride in its achievements. CE faculty Ceki Halmen, John Kevern and Ganesh Thiagarajan are ACI student chapter faculty advisors.

SCE Hosts Regional ACI Competition & Luncheon

SCE hosted the regional American Concrete Institute luncheon and competition on Thursday, Sept. 15th. John Kevern, SCE Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, and ACI student chapter advisor explained, “This regional competition will really prepare students for the national pervious concrete competition, which will be held at the ACI Cincinnati convention in October,” Seven teams from KSU, Pitt State, UMKC, Rolla, and SIUE participated in the competition. Team 1 Rolla took first, Team 1 UMKC took second, and Team 2 from Rolla and UMKC tied for third. Since only one award per school was given out, third went to SIUE. Kenneth C. Hover, ACI president, presented the luncheon’s keynote speech and presented the ACI banner to our newly formed UMKC ACI student chapter. Dr. Ganesh Thiagarajan, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, is also an ACI faculty advisor. For full details read the UMKC Press Release.

Four SCE professors receive 2011 UM Research Board Awards

Four SCE professors have received 2011 University of Missouri Research Board (UMRB) Awards. These awards are competitive and their goal is to provide leverage toward external funding. We congratulate:

  •  Drs. Reza Derakhshani and Gregory King (Co-PIs) for project title Biomechanical and Neurological Correlates of Balance Impairment
  •  Dr. Amber Stern for project title Aging Bone: Age Effects of Osteocyte Sensing of Skeletal Loading
  •  Dr. Ganesh Thiagarajan for project title Macro and Micro Finite Element Analysis of Mouse Ulna and Radius

Ganesh Thiagarajan’s Bridge Approach Slab Research Report Published by MoDOT

Bridge Approach Slab Research conducted by Ganesh Thiagarajan, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at UMKC’s School of Computing and Engineering, is featured in MoDOT’s January 2011 electronic newsletter, Fast forward, under the title More Cost Efficient Bridge Approach Slabs Possible.  Fast forward notes, “ Bridges are expensive to build and rehabilitate. And just a minor change in one of the components can save a significant amount of money. MoDOT research has discovered three new alternative designs for bridge approach slabs that are estimated to cost about 20 percent less. Potential savings were found for both new construction and bridge approach slab replacements.”

Dr. Thiagarajan was the principal investigator for this research.  He led a team that included a researcher from UMKC, Dr. Ceki Halmen and from UMC, Professor Gopalratnam, along with a number of graduate students from both institutions.  The research work was done in close collaboration with MoDoT engineers and took  two years to complete.  It is an excellent example of translational research as the findings will directly impact application in the field, potentially reducing costs associated with new bridge approach slabs.  Additional research on the field implementation of the proposed bridge approach slabs is currently underway.   For the full report, see  http://library.modot.mo.gov/RDT/reports/TRyy0915/or11009.pdf