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IBM Sponsoring Dr. Praveen Rao at Innovate 2012 Conference

IBM has identified Dr. Praveen Rao, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, as a key faculty representative and will sponsor his attendance at the IBM Innovate 2012 Conference June 3rd – June 7th in Orlando, Florida. According to IBM, Dr. Rao was chosen due to “The work you have done leveraging multiple advanced technology resources in the classroom”. Dr. Rao will be a speaker at this conference.

Dr. Rao is providing his students valuable experience in developing applications by leveraging software tools available on the IBM Cloud, a platform which is used by many companies, both large and small. IBM’s support of Dr. Rao is greatly appreciated by our School and we heartily agree with IBM’s enthusiastic commendation to Dr. Rao, “Congratulations to you for setting the bar high and investing in your students by bringing advanced technology tools to them. Because of your investment in your students this is our way to continue investing in you and the University of Missouri Kansas City!”