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UMKC Robotics Team and Eta Kappa Nu Teach Middle School Students Electricity and Circuits


Students from two UMKC School of Computing and Engineering organizations recently teamed up to teach electricity and circuits to nearly 400 middle school students at Osage Trails Middle School in Independence, MO.

The UMKC Robotics Team and Eta Kappa Nu, the electrical and computer engineering honor society, have taught these sessions for the past nine years. After introducing the students to the fundamental concepts of electricity, the UMKC group led the students in building what was for some their first circuit. In addition, the robotics team took robots from past competitions and an arm from their current design, demonstrating the capabilities and potential applications of engineering and computer science.

This event is organized by Debby Dilks, an adviser for both organizations, and manager of the Computer Science Electrical Engineering Department of SCE. The UMKC students attending included RT Leryoskajai, Tony Miles, Noah Rhee and Aaron Rush from Eta Kappa Nu and Eric Gonzalez and Sarah Withee from the robotics team.

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Eta Kappa Nu and the UMKC Robotics Team Makes Electricity & Circuits Fun for Middle Schoolers

Benjamin Franklin wrote “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” He would be proud of the six UMKC students from our engineering honor society Eta Kappa Nu and the UMKC Robotics Team. On January 25, 2013 they travelled to Osage Trails Middle School in the Fort Osage School District in Independence, MO to teach electricity and circuits and demonstrate a robot. Starting at 7:15 a.m. and finishing at 2:30 p.m., the students along with their advisor, Debby Dilks, taught six class periods. They demonstrated sound traveling through laser light beams, static electricity, robot programming and provided hands-on experience using snap circuit kits. Over 375 students participated though out the day. The UMKC students – Kelsey Knoche, Matt Mohler, Ariel Muthyala, Eddie Pogosov, Victor Skulavik, Sarah Withee – left Osage Trails knowing old Ben was right.

SCE ECE Students Teach Electricity and Circuits to 400 7th graders

Eta Kappa Nu and IEEE Robotics Team members travelled to Osage Trails Middle School in Independence, MO to teach Electricity and Circuits to over 400 seventh graders! They taught across all seven periods of school on Friday, January 14, 2011. Six circuit kits were set up at tables which allowed the students to build circuits and see if they worked or not. At the end of the presentation, IEEE Robotics team staff advisor, Debby Dilks, gave each of the teachers a kit to use when teaching this subject. Osage M.S. teachers reported that their students left the presentation all excited and saying it was fun. This has become an annual service event for these UMKC student organizations. The teaches thought it was the best presentation to date! Students from UMKC participating as teachers were: Ian Wolstenholme (Eta Kappa Nu, President); Victor Skulavik (Robotics Team Asst Project Manager & Eta Kappa Nu member); Josh Burdick (Eta Kappa Nu member); Andrew Gatrost (Robotics Team member) and Jordie Smith (Robotics Team member).