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Computer Science and Engineering Majors earn top dollars

According to the CNNMoney article, The 15 college majors with the biggest payoffs, engineering and computer science majors can expect great starting salaries upon graduation. Our SCE students will be glad to know that “to get the best financial return on an investment in four years of college… it helps to have a head for numbers”. Here’s how the majors stacked up:

Median pay for a recent college graduate with a full-time job in 2010, the researchers found, stood at $53,976. But these 15 majors commanded substantially more:

1. Pre-med $100,000
2. Computer systems engineering $85,000
3. Pharmacy $84,000
4. Chemical engineering $80,000
5. Electrical and electronics engineering $75,000
6. Mechanical engineering $75,000
7. Aerospace and aeronautical engineering $74,000
8. Computer science $73,000
9. Industrial engineering $73,000
10. Physics and astronomy $72,200
11. Civil engineering $70,000
12. Electrical and electronics engineering technology $65,000
13. Economics $63,300
14. Financial management $63,000
15. Mechanical engineering technology $63,000

ECE Student-Athlete Kelsey Knoche earns the Jack Gant Award

Student athlete and electrical computer engineering student Kelsey Knoche is both an outstanding UMKC volleyball player and an excellent student. She is the recipient of the Jack Gant Award which is presented annually to the best overall student-athlete at UMKC in terms of both athletic and academic performance. Kelsey was also named to the Summit League Fall Academic all-League Team as a Distinguished Scholar and placed on the Commissioner’s List of Academic Excellence.

ECE student Jorge Colman creates Iphone/Ipad invention

Jorge Colman, an SCE Electrical Computer Engineering Student, has invented and developed a device that allows iPhone and iPad users to wirelessly watch and manipulate applications on their TV, monitor or projector. The invention would allow people to play games, video chat, surf the web, watch movies, browse pictures, display PowerPoint presentations and manipulate anything that exists on their iPhone or iPad. With a patent pending and a rough prototype, Colman is seeking assistance to finance the final prototype and accepting pre-orders. See the UMKC press release about Jorge and his invention for more details.