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A Place To Chill – SCE Student Lounge Features Dylan Stanfield’s Design


With the addition of a new and extensive wall etching, SCE’s new student lounge re-opened this week after being closed for two weeks. The etching, designed by SCE student Dylan Stanfield, reflects SCE’s programs and clearly designates the lounge for UMKC SCE students. The fourth floor Flarsheim Hall student lounge, which opened in Fall 2012, has been undergoing refinements during its first year as students identified ways to improve its “chill factor.” SCE Student Affairs Director Whitney Molloy worked with UMKC’s Campus Facilities Management and Student Affairs Administrative Assistant Jodi Vinnage to create the lounge in response to SCE students identifying it as a priority. During Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 the space was filled with students. Continue reading

Dylan Stanfield wins 2012 E-Week T-Shirt Design Contest

SCE congratulates Dylan Stanfield who designed the winning 2012 E Week T-Shirt Design which is shown below. The contest is sponsored by the SCE Alumni Association and the winner receives a cash prize of $100.00. Sign up to order a shirt at the SCE Student Council Office, 365 Flarsheim Hall. Check out this year’s E-week schedule here!