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Baja Vehicle Top Photo Pick in Kansas City Star

The UMKC Baja SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Racing Team’s vehicle was featured in the Kansas City Star’s June 3, 2014 Top Photo picks. The team is headed for Peoria to compete in the SAE Collegiate Design Competitions June 4 – June 7, 2014. For more information on the team see their UMKC Baja Racing webpage.

Baja Buggy Featured in Mid-America Packards “The Data Plate”


Gearheads never forget their early roots, dark garages filled with tools, parts, exhaust fumes and that dream car they just knew they could restore.  So it’s no surprise that fellow motor heads from the Mid-America Packards and our SCE Baja Buggy team enjoy getting together to share ideas about how to “tweak” the Baja so it will “blow the competition’s doors off” at SAE buggy races.  The article and pictures on page 4 of the Mid-America’s Packards newsletter, The Data Plate, makes it clear that the team appreciates the mentorship, encouragement and support!

UMKC Baja Buggy Team Comes Home Ready to Burn Rubber Next Year


The UMKC Baja Buggy Team proudly took “The Duke” on the road to the April 18-21 Baja SAE Tennessee Tech and June 6-9 Baja SAE Rochester racing competitions. Our UMKC Baja team finished in the top 50 of the endurance race at Rochester and were especially proud that the buggy remained in working order over the 4 hour course. Drivers for the Rochester competition were: 1) John Smith for the Acceleration event; 2) Jared Kleinowski for the Hill Climb event; 3) Michael Snowden for the Maneuverability event; 4) Cody Wallingford for the Suspension and Traction event; and 5) Cody Wallingford and Levon Pogosov for the Endurance Event.

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UMKC Baja Buggy Team hosts Mid-America Packards Car Show

The UMKC SCE student chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers Baja Buggy Team hosted the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) first annual Mid-America Packards Car Show from 9 am – 2 pm on Wednesday, April 11, on the Quad at UMKC. Students, faculty, staff and visitors enjoyed getting their pictures taken with the vehicles and learning about Packard features our modern cars no longer provide such as storage areas specifically for top hats and golf clubs and front passenger seats able to handle a lady’s hooped opera skirt. Last year’s Baja Buggy was proudly displayed alongside its Packard friends.

Dr. Steve Christy, past director of Mid-America Packards and current secretary of the International Packards Club, worked with Mid-America Packards officers Tom Norman and Jon Root and former director Glenn Dooley to set up UMKC’s first annual Baja Packards show, a fundraiser for the UMKC SCE Baja Buggy Builders. Thanks to Dr. Christy’s efforts, space has reserved for an article in the 4-color International Packard publication. UMKC SAE’s student chapter President Oscar Vallencillos and Vice President Jesus Zamarripa-Ortega worked closely with the Mid-America Packards club, helping to make the show a great success! UMKC’s School of Computing and Engineering thanks the Mid-America Packards for their support and look forward to the next Packard car show at UMKC!

UMKC Baja Team ranks at 2010 Baja SAE Competitions

The UMKC Baja Team ranked 39th overall at the Baja SAE Carolina competition held on April 8-11, 2010 and 24th overall at the Baja SAE Western Washington competition held on May 18-22, 2010.  Impressively, the team also placed 1st in the Written Report category.  The Baja Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Collegiate Design Competitions include static events (written reports and oral presentations regarding engineering design and project costs) and dynamic events (racing factors, such as acceleration, towing, traction, maneuverability and endurance).  The faculty advisor is Professor Mike Carlson.

Baja Buggy Action

Baja Buggy Group