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Baek-Young Choi Spends Summer at Air Force Research Laboratory

Dr. Baek-Young Choi worked on an energy-efficient cooperative and opportunistic positioning system for heterogeneous mobile devices at the United States Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) located in Rome, NY during the 2012 summer break. She has also been working on a book titled ‘High Performance Semantic Cloud Auditing’ with collaborators at the AFRL. The fast growing popularity of smartphones and tablets enables us the use of various intelligent mobile applications. Many of those applications require position information which smart mobile devices provide using positioning methods such as GPS, WiFi, or Cell-ID based positioning services. These positioning methods have different characteristics of energy efficiency, accuracy, and service availability. Her work is to combine those positioning methods for resource-constrained environments. While at the AFRL, Dr. Choi gave a couple presentations on site and at an Air Force bi-annual conference, the Cyber and Information Challenges Conference, in Utica, NY.