SCE Congratulates Prof Cory Beard and His Talented Family

Many at SCE have enjoyed watching A Day in the Office: A New Musical Parody written and directed by Ryan Beard, the son of Dr. Cory Beard, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. The musical is based off the hit TV show “The Office” and has been published to YouTube! Dr. Beard’s son Ryan starts off the musical and plays the irritating regional general manager, Michael Scott. Michael and his office mates welcome Susan, a new employee to the office which puts the wackiness of the office in full bloom as a talented group of teenagers light up the stage! The 2 hour show has all of the humor you can handle, plus amazing music and dancing. Dr. Beard’s wife, Michelle, served as the executive producer for the show, and Dr. Beard’s son Jonathan plays Mose, Dwight’s cousin. Congratulations to the Beard family and thanks for the sharing the fun with us!