SCE Baja Racing Team Places in TOP 10!


It’s been a fantastic year for the UMKC Baja Racing Team, competing in 3 races this year culminating in winning 9th in design and 21st overall (in field of 118 vehicles) at the June 4-7 SAE competition held in Peoria, IL . The Peoria race was the third and fiercest competition of the year as each vehicle entered reflected continual improvements from lessons learned in the earlier two races.  The Baja SAE UTEP held April 24-27, 2014 in El Paso, TX found the UMKC Baja vehicle scoring 12th in maneuverability and 38th Overall.   The Baja SAE Kansas held May 22-25, 2014 Pittsburg, KS resulted in 6th in sled pull and 7th in sales presentation and 41st Overall.   Complete results for all three 2014 races are now posted.

In each race the UMKC Baja Racing Team received the top overall score of Missouri universities competing and was second behind Kansas State for Kansas universities. Congratulations to the team members, officers and advisors participating in the competitions!

  • Cody Wallingford, President & Co-Captain
  • Byron Devlin, Vice President & Co-Captain
  • Jesse Lorigan, Treasurer (& President Elect)
  • Morayo Bakare, Secretary
  • Carson Buchanan, Public Relations Officer
  • Katherine Bloemker, Faculty Advisor
  • Dan Justice, Faculty Advisor
  • Nic Basore
  • John Bazin
  • Alex Bearden
  • Aaron Bentley
  • Tyler Blakely
  • Nathan Carr (Vice President Elect)
  • Christian Derra
  • Alexander Giraldo
  • Jared Kleinowski
  • Jake Nolting
  • Brandon Norris
  • Brent Norris
  • Levon Pogosov
  • Jerome Shin
  • John Smith
  • Michael Snowden
  • Greg Wendroff

According to Cody Wallingford, teamwork and attention to details (both mechanical and competition related) are key to performance.  Upon arrival at each competition, the team strategically plans their competition strategy for each dynamic event.  The times for their design and sales presentations are pre-determined, so they must pass technical inspection as soon as possible.  Any spare time is spent tweaking and prepping the car for competition (making sure every bolt is tightened, etc.). Team members will scope each track and determine what adjustments may need to be made from event to event. Then a plan is formed based upon weather, difficulty of each event, and the specific adjustments that are needed. Drivers are chosen that are both light-weight and experienced in off-road driving. The only driver stipulation given, is that no less than 2 drivers are required in the endurance race.

Teams are judged on various, diverse areas within engineering which when these scores are combined result in their overall score for each competition.  These areas include the following categories.  To learn more about the SAE Baja Competitions visit the main website.

Design – The teams are judged on their ability identify problem areas from the previous design, set goals for a new design, complete the modeling, analysis, and verification of the new design. Teams are given bonus points for innovation and creativity as they have to present to other engineers who specialize in something related to the automotive industry. Teams give a brief overview of their complete design and then individually about the frame/ergonomics, steering/suspension/brakes, and drivetrain. Good teams are able to show complete design integration from system to system and can adequately communicate the main features of the car and engineering performed.

Cost – Teams are judged upon how well their records were kept on the complete prototype cost of their car. Less expensive vehicles will grade better in prototype cost, but the most organized teams will grade well in the cost report section.

Sales Presentation – New this year… At every competition, each team prepares a presentation for hypothetical business men/women. The intent to “sell” their vehicle to the clients and prove why their product is better than the competition. Teams must outline the vehicle features, performance, the marketing summary, competitor analysis, manufacturing costs, target market, additional features, etc.

Vehicle Performance – Once a vehicle has passed the rigorous technical inspection and brake test, 4 separate dynamic events are performed. These are categorized by acceleration, torque, maneuverability, and suspension durability. Specific events include a timed acceleration (100 ft or 150 ft), hill climb or sled pull, maneuverability course, and suspension event or rock crawl. For the teams that complete each event, placement is based on time. Otherwise, the team is disqualified or the judging is based upon distance completed.

Vehicle Endurance – At every competition, a 4 hour endurance race is held. These races include obstacles similar to those seen in the dynamic events. The team that is able to complete the most laps within 4 hours, will take 1st in endurance. If a team should breakdown or encounter any problems, they are given the opportunity to problem solve and do whatever is need to get back on the track. However, the 4 hour clock never stops running.

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