Feichen Shen, Sashi Saripalle, Kaustubh Dhondge Receive SGS Research Grants

Congratulations to SCE Ph.D. students Feichen Shen, Sashi Saripalle and Kaustubh Dhondge.  They were all selected for prestigious UMKC School of Graduate Studies (SGS) research grants.  This makes four SCE students receiving SGS funding as we announced MD. Nahid Hossain’s research award earlier this month.

Feichen Shen, a PhD student mentored by Dr. Yugyung Lee was awarded $7500 for his research, “MedBroker: Intelligent Brokering System for Healthcare and Biomedical Research.”  Feichen has been working under Dr. Lee’s research project “Semantic Framework for Big Data and Linked Data.

Sashi Saripalle, a Ph.D. student mentored by Dr. Reza Derakhshani was awarded $7500 for his research, “Deception detection using multimodal sensor fusion”. Sashi has been working with Dr. Reza Derakhshani and Dr. Gregory King on detecting human body movements using force platforms for his UMKC master’s thesis.  Their research has been extended into using human movements detected from force platform for non-invasive credibility assessment.

Kaustubh Dhondge, one of the PhD students of Dr. Baek-Young Choi has been selected for the prestigious UMKC School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Research Grant. He has been awarded $6750 for the next academic year. Kaustubh has been working under Dr. Choi’s supervision on mobile communications and smartphone technologies.  The title of Kaustubh’s SGS Research Grant Proposal is “Optical Wireless Authentication for Smart Devices Using an Onboard Ambient Light Sensor.”