Baja Racing Team Prepares for 2014 Competition Season


As the semester comes to a close, the UMKC Baja Racing team is getting ready for a grueling competition season.  The Baja team recently left for their first event, the Baja SAE UTEP competition, held April 24-27 in El Paso, TX.

The UMKC Baja Racing Team is a group of UMKC School of Computing and Engineering students that design and manufacture a mini baja vehicle.  Engineering schools from across the country participate and compete in these SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) racing competitions each year.

The UMKC team will compete against 95 other teams from across the world at the El Paso event.  At the competition, teams will participate in events ranging from hill climbs and maneuverability tests to a four hour long continuous endurance race.

In addition to the Baja SAE UTEP competition, the team also plans to attend two other events: Baja SAE Kansas (held May 22-25 in Pittsburgh, KS) and Baja SAE Illinois (held June 4-7 in Peoria, IL).

Due to the efforts of the upper classmen, the UMKC Baja Racing Team has significantly increased participation this year.  The team also has made a huge effort to increase its fundraising opportunities.  Most notably they, with the help of the Mid-America Packards, hosted a fundraising event at the Armacost Antique Car Museum last fall. The event was a huge success and they plan to hold it annually as a fundraiser for the team.

Team members traveling to El Paso include: Cody Wallingford (President), Byron Devlin (Vice President), Jeffery Nolting, John Smith, Michael Snowden, Nathaniel Carr, Jesse Lorigan (Treasurer), John Bazin, Tyler Blakely, Greg Wendorff, Morayo Bakare, Jerome Shin, Carson Buchanan, Aaron Bentley, Michael Bearden and Nicholas Basore.  The team also has many other members that are not attending the event in El Paso.

For more information about the UMKC Baja Racing Team, visit their website.