UMKC Human Powered Vehicle Team


The UMKC Human Powered Vehicle Team recently traveled to Orlando, Florida to compete in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ East Human Powered Vehicle Challenge. There were 34 schools in attendance.

Friday’s events included registration, design report presentation of the vehicle, safety inspection, performance evaluation, and vehicle display. UMKC passed the performance evaluation and safety inspection. UMKC placed 10th overall in the design report.

Saturday’s events included the drag race and innovation presentations. The drag race is a tournament style event where vehicles compete two at a time to be the first to cross a finish line from a standing start.  The track is a 350 meter paved course. UMKC placed 2nd in the Women’s Drag Race and 5th in Men’s Drag Race. SCE student Audrey Barnard competed in the women’s event, and Juan Bassi and Tyler Kupczak competed collaboratively for the men’s event.

On Sunday, teams competed in the endurance race. The Endurance Event is a 2.5 hour, timed relay race with multiple laps around a closed course complete with several obstacles. Each team must use multiple drivers of both genders. UMKC placed 10th in the endurance event with drivers Jose Ramirez, Spencer Solon, Rachel Clark, Alvaro Briones, Hoa Pham, Fred Del Toro, and Alan Espinoza.

Overall, UMKC placed 11th out of over 34 teams. The UMKC HPVC team included Juan Bassi, Jose Ramirez, Spencer Solon, Audrey Barnard, Alan Espinoza, Fred Del Toro, Jinyoung Lee, Rachel Clark, Alvaro Briones, Tyler Kupczak, and Hoa Pham.