SCE Students Participate in Google Community Leaders Program


Out of eight UMKC students selected to participate in the Google Community Leaders program, five are from UMKC’s School of Computing and Engineering.

The Google Community Leaders program is designed to provide small business owners and other community organizations with tools and resources to build an online presence, and to improve the web literacy of Kansas City.  The program will last for one year, giving the students the opportunity to train these organizations and narrow the digital divide.

After submitting applications and participating in phone interviews, students were selected and broken up into three teams.  Each team was then assigned a mentor to help guide and support them during the yearlong program.

The students from the School of Computing and Engineering are listed below.

Team 1: Digital Literacy

  • KCMO Public Libraries, Mentor Organization
  • Ryan Rouse – Sophomore, Computer Science, UMKC

Team 2: Nonprofit

  • Nonprofit Connect, Mentor Organization
  • Brien Belko – Junior, Computer Science
  • Drew Shoemaker – Sophomore, Civil Engineering

Team 3: Small Business

  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater KC, Mentor Organization
  • Rob Williams – Senior, Computer Science
  • Clark Johnson – Junior, Electrical and Computer Engineering

The SCE students, Ryan Rouse, Brien Belko, Drew Shoemaker, Robert Williams and Clark Johnson, are all actively involved in the School of Computing and Engineering at UMKC.  All of the students are excited to invest back into Kansas City, and look forward to working for Google over the next year.

For more information, visit the UMatters Article, “UMKC Students to Participate in Google’s KC Community Leaders Program.”

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