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SCE students – get ready to be creative, engaged and challenged.  To get an idea of what’s in store for you, take a look at how computer science students and mechanical engineering students participated in presentation/poster sessions last spring.  Keep in mind that the three presentations/poster sessions described below are only a few examples of the many projects our SCE students become involved in at SCE.  Our faculty know that collaboration and participation are fundamental to successful computer science and engineering professional practice!

CS 5590HI:  Introduction to Health Informatics students presented their project work to faculty and students at a poster/demo session held on May 13.   There were five projects in total: Two projects used Apache Mahout in the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise to conduct clinical data analysis. Two other projects used IBM Cognos for clinical data analysis. The last project developed a tool for generating synthetic HL7 CDA documents on a large-scale. CS 5590HI is taught by Professor Praveen Rao, who has been recognized by IBM for “leveraging multiple advanced technology resources in the classroom”.

MEC-ENGR 496WI Mechanical Design Synthesis students worked in teams to design and fabricate mechanisms whose specifications (including cost, various tolerances, purpose) were determined by Honeywell.  The teams competed against each other to create the best working model and each team presented both their model and a report to Honeywell representatives during presentations held in room 557 Flarsheim Hall on May 14, 2013.   Katherine Bloemker, instructor for Mechanical Design Synthesis,  has been instrumental in assuring her students have a real world design experience.

CS/ECE 5690ND: Advanced Network Design and Optimization students explained their course projects and results at the poster session held Wednesday, May 15, 12:00 to 1:30PM in room 557 Flarsheim Hall.  Students presented course projects such as dynamic network reconfiguration in virtual networks, resilient networks design model, data center network optimization, and optimal sub-carrier assignment in OFDAM networks.  CS/ECE 5690ND was taught by Dr. Deep Medhi.

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