Student Researchers Measure Stormwater Runoff


UMKC SCE student researchers Josh Arnold, Mike Scott and Yanan Ma have been hard at work helping Dr. Deb O’Bannon complete the field and lab work that is being used to quantitatively assess the effectiveness of urban raingardens in reducing stormwater runoff.  During the spring of 2013, ending July 1, 2013, hydraulic and water quality monitoring was conducted for the raingarden installation located between 75th St, 79th St, Troost and the Paseo.  Eight raingardens were monitored to measure their ability to absorb storm water. Now that the data is available, Dr. O’Bannon begins data reduction and interpretation in July 2013 and plans to complete the final report by December 2013.  TetraTech is the project manager for this research project and received funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency.  While Dr. Deb O’Bannon’s team at UMKC assesses the impact of the raingardens on stormwater runoff, Dr. Robert Pitt at the University of Alabama is doing specialized solids measurements and detailed modeling of the watershed.

Stormwater-Research_1 Stormwater-Research_2

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